If something is leaking, follow the mess and you’ll find it – right? Unfortunately, that statement isn’t always true – and it’s why you need the kind of expert leak detection Gold Coast Plumbing Company can offer.

Without state of the art water leak detection that Gold Coast residents and business owners have grown to trust, your leaking water pipe or other leaky problem is going to get a whole lot worse.

A leak can really drive you nuts – because while not necessarily an absolute emergency, deep down you just know it’s causing damage and racking up huge bills. But finding the cause can mean tearing your walls, tiles, home or business.

Water Leak Detection

Water Leaks and Burst Pipes can be big trouble. But it’s not always obvious where the leak is coming from – it’s all a lot easier with the best water leak detection Gold Coast can offer. Our skilled specialists are top of the class when it comes to helping residents and businesses with shower leaks, roof leaks, wall leaks, underground leaks, water pipe leaks – and more!

  • We use simple, effective and state of the art water leak detection techniques, know-how and technology.
  • We’ve saved Gold Coast locals millions in repairs and bills and billions of litres of water, thanks to our advanced leak detection know-how and technology.

Leak detection services with thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging

You’ve seen this state of the art technology used by police, the military and when people are looking for ghosts or Bigfoot! But it’s when thermal/infrared inspections are detecting hidden issues in your plumbing system that they really do their best work.

Why’s that? Because leaking water pipes, roof leaks and every other type of leak can often be almost impossible to locate. Thermal imaging is effectively putting eyes on what was previously a blind and futile search for a Gold Coast leak!

How’s that? Because it’s the most advanced plumbing leak detection technology for finding leaks inside and outside of the building. We also detect roof leaks that could cause damage from a leaking water pipe from the top to the very foundation of your valuable asset.

With this sort of advanced plumbing leak detection technology and expertise, the Gold Coast Plumbing Company really can provide the leak detection services Gold Coast clients expect from only the best in the business.

Why is Thermal Imaging the go-to technology for leak detection Gold Coast?

  • Finding water leaks is easier and faster
  • Rapid plumbing leak detection means less damage
  • Leaks can be detected without taking walls and tiling apart

Trust us: Don’t settle for a Gold Coast water leak detector that isn’t using the latest and greatest in Thermal Imaging tech. Our Gold Coast plumbers will arrive quickly and charge no call-out fee.

Leak Detection Services

So whether it’s behind a wall, under the flooring or underground or anywhere in between, the Gold Coast Plumbing Company can find your sneaky leak! Waiting to see if it fixes itself rather than calling a professional straight away can mean big bills and even more costly damage – so get in touch today.

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