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Why Professional Treatment Is Your Best Solution For Drain Flies

20 May

Drain flies can be some of the most resilient pests in your house.

Are drain flies harmful? No. But usually, there is still a need for pest control and to kill drain flies Australia-wide, present around unused drains and other areas such as sinks, bathtubs, and showers; these insects can reproduce extremely quickly, making it incredibly hard to get rid of them. Not taking timely action to eliminate them can result in filter fly infestation or drain fly infestations in no time.

Thankfully, there are some DIY techniques that you can try to eliminate these insects with varying degrees of success, like removing standing water and pouring boiling water, baking soda, and putting white vinegar down the drain cover. However, they may not be suitable for use in all situations. So, calling for professional services is the only option to eliminate your drain fly issues.

In this guide, we’ll tell you why getting professional help is the easiest and most effective solution for getting rid of adult drain flies. So, make sure to read through the entire guide till the end!

What Are Drain Flies?

Close Up Image Of Drain Fly

Before looking at why you should call a professional for a drain fly treatment, it is important to learn a few details about these pests you also call sewer gnats.

Drain flies, also known as moth flies or sink flies, represent tiny moths but, unlike them, cannot fly very far. They are usually present near stagnant water, which generally collects around sewage and bacteria.

Places with stagnant water serve as the perfect breeding ground where these flies can lay eggs, such as on the inside pipes and drains. Other common areas where they can appear and grow drain fly larvae include kitchen and outdoor sinks, shower and bathtub drains, sewers, and septic tanks.

Drain flies feed on organic matter in the stagnant water, which contains sewage and other waste. However, while these flies live in sewage and waste material, they are not disease-carrying insects and are not harmful to humans. But since they can reproduce very quickly, it’s essential to work out strategies to eliminate them immediately.

Can DIY Solutions Be Used To Get Rid of Drain Flies?

You can use several homemade solutions to eliminate drain flies, most of which require materials readily available at home or the local store, like apple cider vinegar. However, some of these solutions can take quite a lot of time to deliver results and may not suit all situations.

Most drain pipes must also be adequately scrubbed and cleaned to remove food particles and other materials that can attract drain flies. But performing such a task yourself is not feasible, so professionals need to be called.

Homemade and DIY solutions are effective in getting rid of drain flies quickly. But they may not be effective in the long term. Sometimes, these flies can return to your sink drains and showers even after using multiple DIY methods. Professional treatment is the best option for permanently getting rid of drain flies.

Why Is It So Difficult To Remove Drain Flies Permanently Using DIY Methods?

Person Cleaning Bathroom To Prevent Drain Fly Infestation

It is so difficult to get rid of drain flies using homemade techniques because such methods are only effective for the short term.

And if they are not undertaken periodically, drain flies can quickly return. This is not possible in the case of professional treatment, where powerful tools completely clean the inside of drains and pipes, leaving no eggs, larvae or flies behind.

Why Should You Call A Plumber For Drain Fly Extermination?

Professionals can help you deal with a drain fly problem most effectively since they are familiar with various pests and elimination methods. Additionally, they are equipped with the right tools to provide results quickly and effectively. Here are some of the reasons explained in detail.

Water Running In Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink After Removing Drain Flies

1. Plumbers Are Properly Trained And Have The Right Tools

When looking for professionals to help you with a drain fly problem, plumbers can open up pipes where these pests take shelter and clean out any blockages properly. They have powerful tools that require proper training and experience.

These tools can only be operated by licensed professionals and effectively remove all waste matter and debris from along the drain interior and sewer lines. Once this process is complete, not only will it keep drain flies away for a long time, it will result in cleaner plumbing, preventing clogging or blocked drains.

2. Safety Concerns

Another reason why opting for professional assistance is a better idea than depending on DIY solutions is safety. Some DIY methods involve using chemical sprays and repellents to kill sewer flies and pests like gnats and fruit flies.

Unfortunately, these usually contain caustic chemicals that can be toxic and damaging to the pipes and drains. Such chemicals are also unsuitable for use in areas such as your kitchen.

Professional plumbers are familiar with various chemicals and can utilise them to ensure safety while providing results. They also take all necessary precautions when performing the fly treatment.

3. Can Undertake Repair And Maintenance Activities

As mentioned, drain flies are attracted to areas where stagnant water has collected. One of the reasons for this is that there may be a broken or damaged sewer pipe under your home slab. In such a situation, only a plumber can crack open the flooring and repair the pipe after removing contaminated soil.

4. Plumbers Can Identify Larger Issues On Time

While drain flies are not harmful and do not carry diseases, they can indicate severe problems in the sewer line, which, if left unchecked, can lead to more significant issues. Calling a plumber can save a lot of hassle as they can identify problems like a clogged drain vent or broken pipes before they turn more serious.

5. Cost-Effective

Plumbers will also charge less than other professionals to deal with such problems, so you do not need to worry about incurring a considerable expense.

DIY Methods Vs. Hiring A Licensed Plumber

You can try out the natural DIY methods for fly treatment, but hiring a professional plumber from a reliable service company is a safer and more convenient option. They can deal with the problem effectively and identify other issues that might be present with the plumbing to sort them out.

We have now finished this informative guide about professional fly treatment. Please contact us if you need assistance with drain flies or another emergency plumbing situation. Let our Gold Coast plumbers help you eliminate drain flies! And if you’re thinking of a kitchen renovation, we can still help you!

See you next time, till then – take care!