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Why Is My Hot Water Not Hot Anymore?

13 January

There are days when we want to submerge ourselves in cold water and cool our minds. But when hot water is preferable in the shower, and there is none, we can’t help but wonder, “Why is my hot water not hot anymore?”

Here’s The Reason Why Your Hot Water System Isn’t In Good Working Order

Well, we’re here to answer just that question. Your absent hot water could be due to a failure in your tempering valves. In the late ’90s, regulators made fitting tempering valves a requirement on new or replacement hot water systems. This mandatory was a great idea as it helped stop kids from being scalded by hot water.

Did you know young skin can be burnt by water at 60 degrees in seconds? However, water at 50 degrees would take minutes to inflict a severe burn.

Not Enough Hot Water? Is Your Water Heater Not Functioning Properly?

Here are the following points from the Plumbing Code worth mentioning about hot water supply and storage:

  1. The temperature of the hot water storage tank must be kept at 60 degrees or higher. This prevents the growth of legionella bacteria (the cause of legionnaires disease) in the storage tank.
  2. The water supply for personal hygiene (primarily bathroom fixtures) is not to exceed 50 degrees.

Your tempering valves can be installed on a bathroom’s hot water supply or the whole house. The valve works by blending the hot and cold water at an adjustable ratio and then piped to the toilets or home.

Tempering Valve Hot Water Problem

But like any mechanical item, tempering valves are prone to failure. And that’s where you’ll find your answer for why your hot water systems aren’t working efficiently. There are telltale signs to look for in broken tempering valves. One sign is the complete loss of the hot water supply. Yes, that’s right. You can blame the failed tempering valves for your sudden cold showers. And aside from this, other signs include:

  • Lack of pressure in your hot water supply
  • A drop in the temperature in your hot water supply

Now, that you know why your hot water is not hot anymore, you can have a little peace of mind and work on getting it fixed. But of course, there’s also the possibility that your hot water system could be facing another problem.

3 Hot Water Problems To Look Out For

  • Water Leaks

    If your water heater leaks, you’ll notice water pooling at the base of your water heater or running down the side of the hot water tank.

    If the leak is coming from the pressure relief valve, you might be able to replace it. Or sometimes unwanted sediment can build up, clogging the valve, which could be solved with a simple cleanout.

  • Hot Water is Too Hot

    The first thing to check if your hot water is too hot is to adjust the temperature dial on the water heater’s front. Wait an hour before rechecking the temperature. If this doesn’t change the temperature at all, there is a problem.

  • No Water At All

    Suppose it’s just the hot water with no flow check near your hot water system for an isolation valve. Not all installations will be fitted with one, but look for a red or yellow handle near the water intake. If it’s been switched off, that might be all you need to do. If not, don’t try adjusting or probing the system further. It’s time to call in some expert help.

Having Trouble With The Water Temperature? Call A Licensed Plumber!

Don’t stress it! And definitely, don’t play plumber and try to fix it yourself by taking apart your hot water system! Your best course of action is to call in the expert plumbers. And while you’re waiting for professional work, you can follow our Troubleshooting Guide for hot water problems. Yup, you got that right. Your hot water system not dispensing hot water isn’t the only scenario where your hot water system has gone loco.

However, as always, calling in a fully licensed and qualified plumber for regular maintenance and a professional plumbing service is the best thing you can do. It’s basically an investment! So, if your hot water has failed or shows any signs of the failure modes mentioned in this article, then contact us to get your hot water working again.

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