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Water Filter For Only $1 Per Day!

9 May

Filtered Water At Your Tap For Only $1 A Day

Having a filter installed for your tap means you can rest assured the water you are drinking is free from contaminants. Not only this, but it also tastes better. A water filter removes the chemicals, chlorine and other bacteria that might otherwise end up in your glass.

We have an exclusive offer that guarantees you will receive over 200% of your money back! Not only that, but if you are not completely satisfied in the first 30 days, we will refund you double your money.

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What’s Actually In My Drinking Water?

The quality of the water we drink is essential to our health. There are many factors that contribute to the contamination of our drinking water. Along with this, extreme weather conditions and climate change are threatening our water quality now, more than ever. Organic debris containing heavy metals and toxins from the bottom of waterways are also released during high rainfall or extreme low tides.

Bushfires, salinity, outbreaks of blue-green algae and acid sulphate caused by land clearing also pose risks to our water supply. Most of the common treatments used in the Gold Coast and Australia do not remove the heavy metals, microplastics and harmful chemicals found in our tap water. And these contaminants can have serious and long term health effects. 

A study by the University of Newcastle found that globally, we are consuming over 5 grams of microplastics per week. They found that the biggest source of this came from both bottled water and tap water. On the Gold Coast, our primary source of water is the Hinze Dam. The council has issued a warning not to eat the fish from the dam, as naturally occurring mercury has been detected in the water.

Also found in our water are chlorine and chloramine. These chemicals used as a disinfectant to reduce the pathogens and microorganisms that are found in our drinking water. Chloramine is ammonia derived gas that can increase the exposure of lead in our water, due to its acidic nature. There are also byproducts of chloramine identified to be carcinogenic in nature.

What We Can Offer You

With our water systems, you can improve your families health by installing a filter that is specifically designed for Gold Coast water. And, if your filter system needs replacing under warranty, you will not pay a cent. But that’s not all, also included in our service is:

  • Annual servicing
  • Filter replacements
  • Maintenance,
  • Extended warranty
  • Exclusive member pricing for plumbing products and services
  • $100 off any plumbing service
  • $100 off any plumbing service every annual service
  • Reminders for annual services

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There are Even More Benefits!

Buying filtered water from the supermarket costs around 40 cents per litre, whilst the large blue bottled of filtered water can be up to $1 per litre. Installing a water filter with Gold Coast Plumbing means your filtered water will cost less than 1 cents per litre!

Along with saving you money, not buying bottled water means you are reducing the use of plastics for landfill. The carbon filters that are installed into our filters are made from coconut fibre meaning and we are working with our suppliers to find a way to make these filters recyclable.

After 24 months you will own the system outright, however you can continue to be part of our membership program to receive exclusive deals and discounts. Payment arrangements can be stopped or paused by contacting one of our friendly staff and if you are looking to move house, we only charge $100 for a relocation fee.

Our Two Filter Options

Under Sink Filter With Attachment

The first option is ideal for anyone who is not looking to change their kitchen. This water filter is mounted under your sink and is connected to the cold water of your existing tap.

Puretec High Flow Inline Undersink Water Filter System In White

Under Sink Filter With Tap

The second option involves adding a stylish bench tap to your sink area, with the water filter still being mounted under your kitchen bench. The added tap will produce filtered water, freeing up your kitchen tap.

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Get Your Water Filter System

Knowing what we know about our drinking water, our team have decided to bring the most affordable options of water filters to the Gold Coast. We have decided to do this because we care about the health and wellbeing of our community. Along with this, there are also many benefits included in our membership program to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our workmanship. For more information or to talk to one of our experts, you can contact us or book online today!

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“It’s our responsibility as leaders in the industry to give our clients information to make an informed decision and solutions to safeguard their health with chemical-free and great tasting drinking water.” Dane Beazley, leader of the best team of plumbers on the Gold Coast.

Filtered water for less than 1c per litre all for just $1 a day!

“Great water filter. Could not drink the water before in the Logan area (QLD) had a weird smell also. Now has a great taste and no smell! I can highly recommend this under sink water filter.”

Shaun B


Q: How much water will my filter system filter?

  • 50,000 Litres approx.
  • That’s the equivalent of a swimming pool,
  • or 16,000 flushes of the toilet.

Q: Will my water filter remove fluoride?

  • No, only Reverse Osmosis filters will do this.
  • We will be adding this as a membership option in the near future.

Q: What is the payment arrangement?

  • $31 will be deducted from your credit card each month on the anniversary of the date you became a member. ($15.50 filter service only)
  • The payment arrangement runs for:
    • 24 months
    • total of $744 (includes GST and credit card fees). ($372 filter service only)

Q: Is it cheaper to pay for the system upfront and then filter services as required?

  • No, normally the system would cost:
    • supply and install $449+GST
    • service cost $299+GST
    • total of $828 (inc GST).

Q: Do you recycle the used filters?

  • We will not recycle the filters for reuse.
  • We are working with our supplier to find a recycling option for the filter media as they are made from coconut fibre.

Q: Can I continue as a member after the 24 months?

  • Yes, absolutely you can.
  • You can continue your membership and enjoy all the program benefits.

Q: So if I move home, I can have the filter moved as well?

  • Yes, for a fee of $100, we will move the filter. (This is limited to the areas we service though).