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Understanding The Pros & Cons of Water Filters

14 September

The benefits of whole-house water filtration systems or water purification for homeowners and their families are extensive. The differences between filtered and unfiltered water are paramount, and bottled water becomes expensive.

Without the right whole-house water filter system, your health might be at stake, and your clothes might lose colour after you wash them with all the organic chemicals in the water coming from your taps. Also, with the proper filter to remove contaminants, you would not need to buy packaged or distilled drinking water. Hence, you can save money and do your bit for the environment.

House water filters and distillation remove heavy metals, chemicals, and other nasty contaminants from your water. Plus, purified water tastes much better from a tap filter while keeping the beneficial minerals intact and improving the water taste.

So, we have reviewed the four best water filtration systems and their methods to consider installing in your home. Some require installation, others professionally. We have also discussed the pros and cons of each should you decide which is the one you want to purify water in your whole house and business. Let’s dive in!
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Different Types Of Water Filtration Systems

1. Activated Carbon Filtration System

These are also known as “charcoal filters, “ primarily found in residential spaces. Activated carbon filters use an adsorption process to remove unwanted impurities from the water. The carbon in the mix attracts the contaminants in the water and cleans it as the water supply passes through the filtration and purification process.

This filtration method is highly preferred in small home systems such as pitchers or faucet filters.

Filter Chain Example Wm


The best thing about activated carbon water filtration is that it is easy to find online. Also, it is affordable and won’t leave a dent in your pocket. No installation is required, saving a lot of time and money.


While readily available and inexpensive, it does not remove all harmful contaminants from tap water, like dissolved solids or fluoride. And you will need to change the filter occasionally to ensure it functions optimally. The filtration process is also slow, so you must be patient to see the best results.

2. Under-Sink Filtration System

Under-sink water filter systems are best suited if you have less space and want to hide the house water filtration system from sight, as under-sink installation saves a lot of space. Are you interested in an under-sink filtration system? There are a lot of great choices to choose from. But first, know the pros and cons of installing this under your kitchen sink. There has to be a catch.

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What is good about this setup is that it is out of sight and does not hamper your home decor. Also, these filters do not need to be changed regularly and are an excellent bet for fresh drinking and cooking water.


Though it is out of sight, it will take considerable space in your cabinet. So, before installation, you will need to rearrange the space accordingly. Apart from that, you will need an expert to install it, and the installation can be expensive.

3. On-The-Counter Filtration System

Countertop filtration systems are primarily present in residential spaces and are highly functional. They provide you with the option of switching on the house water filtration system whenever you want to. So, you can get filtered and unfiltered tap water from it.

Coldstreamstainlesssteelcountertop 1


People generally filter water from these systems for cooking as the drinking water quality is pretty good. Also, when you opt for countertop filtration, you do not have to worry much about the expenses. It is pretty inexpensive and easy to install.


The major problem with this option is that it might not fit all faucets. Also, after installing this filtration system, the water flow decreases considerably. And if you are living in a small house, this might not be the best bet because it takes up significant space.

4. Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water

This house water filtration system uses different filters to remove impurities. It uses pressure to reverse the standard osmosis process, thereby changing the highly concentrated water solution to a low concentration state.

Under Sink Water Filter System


People prefer this water filtration system over other standard ones because it can remove many unwanted contaminants and heavy metals from the water in one go. Apart from that, these filtration systems are pretty easy to operate.


Like all other filtration systems, this method also has some downsides. It uses a 5-step filtration process that is quite time-consuming and can lead to much water wastage. This isn’t the drinking water filter system you thought “no complex installation needed”. And it is essential to note that reverse osmosis systems are more costly.

Call A Plumbing Expert For Installation, Maintenance, And Repair

Water purification systems are convenient and keep your health problems at bay. Another thing to remember is that some filtration systems can remove chlorine and fluoride from water, which might hurt your teeth. In that case, consider taking the right food or supplements to fill the gap.

Going through our list, you should know more about the most common house water filtration systems. This innovation constantly upgrades by introducing other complex systems like Ultraviolet or UV filters and infrared filtration systems to soften hard water. However, it’s essential to determine your requirements. If you want something energy efficient, large scale or no complex installation needed and easy to install instead, choose a filtration system that best fits your budget.

Need a plumbing expert to install, maintain, and repair your water filtration system? Reach out to our team of Gold Coast plumbers!

So, until next time, adios!