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Thermann Hot Water Systems Review

19 December

Did you just move into your new house and bring with you only a few household appliances? Is the hot water system not working or the gas hot water system isn’t to your liking? Or maybe, you didn’t move, but your current hot water system is not up to your standards and it has a major issue. And you want a replacement made for Australian conditions and from a no-nonsense brand with something that’ll give you instant hot water for all your multiple bathrooms. Especially since a highly efficient hot water system is one of the plumbing needs you should have.

Well, you might want to consider the Thermann hot water systems for your heat pumps or hot water options. You don’t know, you might find Thermann hot water system suitable for your needs and wants, giving you the ultimate hot water experience and maybe, even a 12 year warranty. You’ll find that Thermann provides efficient service and great customer service. From electric hot water system to gas continuous flow systems, storage tank water heater, solar systems, and many more, all cost-effective and highly recommended water heaters to match the Australian climate, Thermann hot water systems are a great choice to consider for a replacement to your old unit.

New To The Market

You probably haven’t heard of Thermann hot water systems, but that’s not because the company does not have a good reputation.

Rather, the Thermann hot water system is new to the market.

If you haven’t heard of Thermann hot water system, don’t worry. We don’t want you to be the last to hear about some of the absolute best hot water systems on the market today and miss something great. And so, this Thermann hot water system review is just for you.

Yes, Thermann hot water systems are pretty new to the market, so you might not find them in your list of well-known names in terms of heat pump technology. But did you know the brand is the fastest growing in the hot water industry in Australia and New Zealand? There are some excellent reasons why this is becoming one of the hottest and biggest hot water brands in the entire country and New Zealand.

The company took a very clever and systematic approach to the local market. First, they carefully identified which hot water technologies dominated various categories. And then set the ambitious goal of producing multiple types of hot water systems and models with the highest quality.

You’ll find in this Thermann hot water review what heat pump technology water heater are they offering in the market and which could possibly be perfect for you for many years to come. Whether it’s storage tanks or other water heater storage systems, you’ll see if any makes you super happy despite Thermann being a relative newcomer in the industry.

So, without further ado, let’s check out and take a closer look at each high-quality hot water system and its energy savings and tidy package in this Gold Coast Plumbing Company’s Thermann hot water system review.

Thermann Hot Water Systems

1. Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Thermann Gas Instant Heater

Small and sleek, these tidy little units are very energy efficient because they only heat the water when you turn on the tap. You’ll never run out of hot water in this continuous flow hot water system, even if you have a busy family.

Thermann’s perks: These systems come with impressive 12-year warranties, with various capacities ranging from 16 to 26 litres that will suit every family’s needs.

Link: Thermann Continuous Hot Water Systems

2. Storage Hot Water Systems

If you recognise a modern, small, sleek and unobtrusive continuous flow hot water system, then you’ll feel even more familiar when you see this traditional storage tank hot water system. These natural gas, LPG or Thermann electric hot water systems are the ones with the big tank, with water heated to 50 degrees and ready for when you need it.

Thermann’s perks: Solid warranties range from 7 to 10 years, with various capacities from small electric storage units of just 25 litres to a hefty 170 litres.

Link: Thermann Storage Hot Water Systems

3. Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Think of a heat pump like a fridge in reverse, as it extracts the heat from the environment and then stores the water in a tank. The energy efficiency rating is exceptionally high. It is because the pump technology uses the ambient air temperature to do the heating.

Thermann’s perks: The hybrid Thermann electric hot water systems produce 4kHw of heat for every kWh of energy, making them almost 74% more energy-efficient than a traditional system.

Link: Thermann Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

4. Solar Hot Water Systems

While a heat pump uses ambient air temperature, a solar hot water system uses the sun – making it the most energy-efficient way to heat water for your home. But while people are still making the switch to solar, the 50-year-old technology is already quite mature, making it very reliable.

Thermann’s perks: For great peace of mind, Thermann’s solar systems boast excellent 15-year warranties, and ‘active tracking’ technology means heat is collected no matter where in the sky the sun happens to be.

Link: Thermann Solar Hot water Systems

5. Commercial Hot Water Systems

These big boys are mainly for businesses or other commercial settings that need a lot of reliable hot water on tap. If you have a business in need of constant hot water on tap, take this into consideration.

Thermann’s perks: Every business is catered for with Thermann’s commercial hot water systems. Take the 50 litres continuous condensing hot water unit, the only one of its type in Australia.

Link: Commercial Hot Water Systems

Get In Touch With Us For Installations And Repairs

Thermann’s big boast is that it makes hot water simple with low running costs. And it’s hard to argue with that, packed with proven technology combined with the new standards and most innovative features on the market. The brief is to produce ultra long-life heat pump technology water heater products that work brilliantly at a great price with a high energy efficiency rate too. It’s why Gold Coast Plumbing Company, with over 10 year experience, would be proud to provide you a local plumber to do an excellent job of installing a new system from Thermann. Let’s install a hot water system at your place today. Whether it’s for your old bathrooms and kitchen or a new addition to your house like an outdoor shower, or it could be your gas storage, our local plumber can help you with your hot water system installation and repairs. And even help you choose from the best hot water brands experts highly recommend. We go the extra mile. Get in touch with us on 1300 792 041 in our operating hours and ask about Thermann hot water systems right now! Take a closer look for a great range of choices for your water heating unit.

And if you’ve got a hot water system not working properly, even if it’s a new hot water system, it’s one of the plumbing emergencies you must not ignore. Other plumbing problems can wait for a while, but not your malfunctioning hot water system. With our full range of plumbing services, you can rely on the local plumber from the Gold Coast Plumbing Company to take care of your hot water system issue and provide you with a great service. We’ve got you covered from installation to repairs!