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Taps for Arthritis Sufferers

4 June

For people with arthritis, even turning the handle of a tap can become a significant challenge.

Thankfully, there are certain options to make jobs easier for arthritis sufferers. One such viable solution is the combination of lever taps with a ¼-inch ceramic disk spindle. The latter essentially cuts off the turning radius of the tap to almost a quarter of the standard ones, thereby reducing the overall effort.

Beyond that, the extended levers facilitate turning them with a simple nudge of the hand, arm, or wrist.

Are These Taps Durable?

Perhaps, the biggest advantage is that these taps don’t compromise on quality and durability. In case you didn’t know, traditional washers tend to split faster due to wearing down from continuous water pressure, resulting in severe leakages. 

On the other hand, ceramic disc taps are engineered to last for potentially a lifetime. Not only that, but they also prevent any “unwanted dripping”, which contributes to inflated water bills and frequent plumbing jobs. In addition to this, ceramic taps add a modern touch.

What Are Some Other Options?

If you want to enhance the accessibility of your existing taps without changing them, then consider installing tap turners. These are nothing but elongated handles that go over the taps, practically turning them into lever taps. Some of the commonly used variants are:

1. Universal Tap Handle Turner

As the name suggests, universal tap turners are designed to go over almost any tap. The ergonomic handle is ideal for users with a weak or limited group, like arthritis sufferers. Additionally, these can be used on various other fixtures like doorknobs or dials of appliances like washing machines, tumble dryers, etc.

2. Crystal Tap Turner

Crystal tap tuners are carefully designed to fit a majority of crystal top taps. These fixtures have spring-loaded jaws that act as clamps to ensure a secure fit, providing additional leverage for turning the faucet on or off with minimum effort. Furthermore, the thick handle makes for an easy grip. You may even get a pair for your hot and cold water faucets.

3. Derby Tap Turner

Derby Tap Turners are among the most versatile options, as they can be used on both crystal and crosshead tap tops. These are equipped with a rubber lining on the interior for a stronger grip, while the screw handle takes care of the seamless operation.

Similar to the crystal tap turners, these come in pairs, marked for hot (red) and cold (blue) water faucets. Besides, the handles have rubber mouldings for a firm and controllable grip, making them rustproof and comfortable to touch.

4. Contour Tap Turner

The multi-purpose contour tap turners are specially designed to tackle turning stiff taps and knobs, thanks to the T-shaped handle. Likewise, the turner head is equipped with multiple sprung stainless steel rods that retract to enforce a strong grip on the surface.

5. Etac Tap Turner

Etac tap turners find utility for an awkwardly positioned tap handle or other such knobs. These feature a combination of hexagonal rods on the head to securely press around the object for maintaining a firm hold. In addition, the long and angled handle offers adequate room to ensure a comfortable grip.

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