The recent low pressure system that brought more than 100mm of rain in 24 hours highlighted to many of our clients the importance of having correctly functioning Storm Water drainage.

Storm water pipework collects rain water and transports the water to the council storm water drain or to a collection tank.

Storm water is collected on the roof, channelled into the gutters and then funnelled into down pipes. The down pipes deliver the water to ground level and then under ground into a network of pipes that surround a building. The pipework underground then connects to the kerb at the street or to the council storm water drain.


Why is a working storm water drain important you ask? Surely the water will just soak into the ground anyway…

The importance of having good storm water drainage is in the long term value of your property. Water in volume does a number of things that are not immediately apparent but will lead to costly repairs and undermine the structural integrity of a building.

  • Water will seep under the concrete slab of a building causing movement and cracking.
  • Water coming into contact with timber causes wood rot, termite infestation and timber swelling.
  • Water getting between the concrete slab and flooring can cause tiles to lift, lino will become unglued and carpet underlay will become mouldy and smelly.
  • Water softens the ground and can cause foundations to move or even sink, this is common in areas that had vegetation in the earthworks.
  • Storm water drains that are blocked cause gutters to overflow that can flow back into the ceiling of a building.

If you have noticed a “tide mark” at the bottom of exterior walls or if you have seen water ponding you may have a problem with your storm water drains.

The good news is that we can help.

Gold Coast Plumbing Company has a drain camera that we can use to inspect the condition of your storm water drain.

We can check that roots haven’t intruded or other foreign objects are not stopping the drain from functioning correctly.

Call us if you have any concerns about your storm water drainage.

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