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5 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

6 June

A small bathroom renovation is, without doubt, one of the most important things you will ever do in your home or apartment – even if we don’t always know it. The lounge seems like the vibrant conversation hub, the kitchen is the living and breathing heart, and the bedrooms are where the real relaxing and unwinding take place. And the bathroom? “Oh, it’s over there.”

Unfortunately, the bathroom-as-an-afterthought phenomenon can be doubly true if the room is limited. But make no mistake: big or small, the bathroom is an incredibly important room. It’s where your day starts and finishes, it’s where that refreshing and relaxing bath or shower takes place, and it’s often the very best place for a few justified minutes locked away from the pesky kids!

All of those benefits are easy to take advantage of if you have plenty of space – but what if you don’t? What if your bathroom is tiny? Don’t fret – we know plenty of little tricks to make even the smallest of small bathrooms work a treat.

small bathroom ideas

1. Ditch the bath

Ok – so a hot bath in the dead of winter can be breathtakingly great. But if space really is limited, you’ll be amazed how useful and liberating that bath space can really be for a small bathroom renovation project. Keep in mind if you plan to sell the home and want to market it as truly family-friendly, bear in mind that people with kids tend to really want a bath.

2. Clean lines

So if you really do need or want to keep the bath, there are other ways to create the illusion of more space. A well-established design principle along these lines is keeping it simple. Simple, clean lines remove the perception of a closed-in, cluttered space, and coupled with lots of white, natural light, large tiles, doorless shower screens and big mirrors, it really can all come together to make a small bathroom seem much bigger.

small bathroom shower ideas

3. Divert attention

On the other hand, another great little small bathroom trick is to distract attention away from the fact that space is cramped. We’re talking about things like bold pops of colour, unusual or ultra-contemporary or conspicuous fixtures and design elements, or eye-catching focal points – like an awesome full mirror wall.

4. Small things!

After choosing white or neutral colours, favouring natural light and maybe ditching the bath, the next thing you can do is downsize those fixtures and accessories. In the era of apartment living, there are plenty of high quality, beautiful fixtures and accessories including toilets, sinks and vanities that are just a little or a lot smaller. Also, you can opt for other space-saving things like wall-mounted taps and vanities and built-in toilet tanks – ask the guys at Gold Coast Plumbing Company what else can be done to open up that cramped bathroom space.

5. Creative storage

Every bathroom needs storage, but how it is incorporated in a smaller bathroom is particularly important. Plenty of modern vanities have great built-in options, but you can also opt for recessed storage areas near the bath or in the shower, put shelves higher up on the walls for example for storing towels, or get creative and store items in other ways, such as in baskets or pots.

As you can see, when you’re considering a bathroom renovation with the help of the Gold Coast Plumbing Company, there are plenty of ways to make a small bathroom appear and function much more like a bigger space. Need more ideas or are you ready to get started? Whether you’re in Labrador, Helensvale, Palm Beach or anywhere across the Gold Coast, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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