Is your leaking shower driving you crazy?

A leaking shower can lead to serious water damage. Are you struggling to figure out the problem? Need an emergency plumber to come to the rescue? You’ve landed in the right place if you’re looking for fast effective shower repair services.

Is it the waterproofing membrane?

Leaking shower repairs Gold CoastShower recesses with tiled and grouted surfaces are not completely waterproof. According to building regulations, a waterproofing membrane must be installed under the surface.
Waterproofing leakages can be caused by a variety of issues. These include poor workmanship, use of substandard installation products and parts, leaking pipes behind the shower wall and structural movement of the whole building.

Water leakages should be repaired immediately, to avoid expensive repair work and serious damage to your dwelling. In addition, leaks can lead to unpleasant odours, deterioration of tile colour and the risk of exposure to vermin, like white ants.

Is it the separation between the wall and the floor?

Daily movements within your house, such as doors opening and closing, children running around and structural shift can lead to shower leakages. They cause vibrations, creating a gap between the floor and the wall, and leading to deterioration of grouting. So, you might need shower base repairs.

Is it the shower screen?

Leaking shower screens are generally caused by faulty seals, which can be treated with silicone. If you observe water escaping through gaps in the glass, then you can consider installing water deflectors. A quality sealant should be used to repair any issues with joints and intersections on the frame and channel areas. Finally, make sure the door closer bracket is in the correct position.

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Is it the grouting?

Poorly grouted tiles will often leak, developing pinholes within the grout. Hairline cracks in tiles can occur when the base on which the tiles are installed is exposed to efflorescence or is constructed over wood or concrete.

Is the piping faulty?

Leaking pipework behind walls causes stubborn leakage. This can often be attributed to faulty pressurisation in your shower’s water system.

Is it leaking taps?

If your taps are continually dripping, then chances are the washer has worn out. Leaks also happen when exposure to water sediment has caused the valve seat to corrode.

Need a leaking shower repaired?

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