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Pipe Relining Gold Coast

Our pipe relining solution will fix your broken pipes with less intrusive methods, in half the time required and less cost on your part. Contact us now to know more.

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Pipe Relining

It’s a nightmare to find one of your pipe joints and utility pipes cracked especially when your pipes run underground and you don’t know the exact location, like your sewer pipes or drain pipe from age, tree roots or blocked drains. With the pipeline buried underground, it might be a while before you know what has happened and sometimes, a little too late too for a cost effective solution.

Changing the pipes is the most common solution for cracked, broken or leaking pipe replacement. But pipe repairs require significant digging in your backyard, and in many cases, it takes quite a bit of time to get back to its old state. Not to mention the expense you have to shell out for the plumbing pipe repair to your existing pipes.

An option that many people are still unaware of to repair damaged pipes is pipe relining. It’s a new cost-effective method. And it works just as well as installing new units without being time consuming and disruptive. Pipe lining should solve your plumbing issue quickly and get the job done right on the first try. Interested to know more about stormwater pipes, drainage pipes, and sewer pipe relining?

At Gold Coast Plumbing Company, your broken pipe to our relined pipes are stronger than brand new pipes. Relining pipes can solve the problem with only a pinhole opening. Gold Coast no dig pipe relining is a less intrusive method. And our team of pipe relining experts can complete the task in half the time compared to standard pipe relining. It will also only cost you a fraction of the regular expense.

This “trenchless pipe repair” or pipe relining is the most high-tech solution to your plumbing problems. Our Gold Coast pipe relining solutions will save your well-manicured lawns. Relining pipes have no excavation required — no need to mess up your landscaped garden like you would if you’re replacing your pipes in the conventional ways. We are your trusted Gold Coast plumbing specialist for pipe relining and great service in a timely manner.

Gold Coast Pipe Relining

What Is It?

Pipe relining is repairing cracked or broken pipes from the inside without digging. Through the process known as Cured-In-Place Pipelining (CIPP), a new, tough pipe is added within the old damaged one. With our pipe relining methods, our pipe relining specialist uses an epoxy-based resin structurally stronger than the original pipe to seal the cracks and have a better flow. This stops the leaks and prevents further damage. Once the resin cures, your relined pipe is like new. And the best part of this procedure is that there’s no need to dig up the yard or knock down walls.

This pipe relining method increases the lifespan of the old pipe. This no dig pipe repair will protect against problems like root intrusion, cracking, or separation. Pipe relining technology works well for broken and cracked pipes with minimum disturbance, but you need to consult an expert to confirm its viability for your situation.

Gold Coast Plumbing Specialists

How to Make a Pipe as Good as New?

Now that you are aware of the pipe relining process let’s have an in-depth look at the various steps of making a pipe as good as new. Knowing these would help you understand how our experienced drain plumber will go about repairing your pipeline.

1. Inspection

The work of pipe relining can’t begin without a thorough inspection. Our pipe relining specialist will visit your home to determine the severity of the damage in the pipe or sewer drains. This is usually done with the help of a CCTV drain camera inspection or forced electron leak location (FELL) device.

Inspecting the existing pipe will also let our plumbers know the location of drain blockage or pipe problems in the system that must be unclogged. When a pipeline is beyond repair or is too old, the relining process may not work suitably.

2. Clearing Of Blockages

Before the resin is applied to a pipe, our pipe relining specialist must clear any blockages or obstructions. Our pipe relining specialist will remove any solid or large blockages and then use a water jet with strong pressure to clear the path. After the drain cleaning, the camera is reintroduced into the pipe to make sure the path is clear to begin relining.

Once there are no obstructions, our plumbers will take measurements of the pipe to use the correct-sized liner and bladder.

3. Installing The New Lining

Once the whole course of the pipe has been determined, our plumbers would prepare a felt liner along with an uninflated bladder. The liner is prepared to include the nooks and bends present in the pipe. it’s then soaked with resin and introduced into the pipe from an upstream point, so there’s no need for any digging.

A drain camera is used in this stem to monitor the progress and find the correct spot. When the liner reaches the correct spot, the bladder is inflated to stick to the pipe’s walls to form a stronger layer.

As with any resin component, there’s a curing time associated with pipe relining. Our plumbers may let the resin cure on its own or take the help of hot water or UV radiation to quicken the process.

They will finish the process by cutting holes for the junctions and inspecting pits inside the pipe. But this step won’t be necessary when our plumbers prepare the liner beforehand. During the inspection, they will assess the condition of your pipe to determine the best technique for relining them.

4. Final Check

Now that the pipe relining process is over, it’s time for a final inspection of the new pipe to ensure it is structurally sound. Our plumber will introduce a camera into the pipe to check if the installation was successful. They would ensure all the pathways and bends are clear and your water flows freely without leaks. Once the plumbing repairs are complete, the relined section will be ready for us.

The pipe relining process is a straightforward pipe repair methodology. Contact us for our pipe relining solutions if you want to know more.

Pipe Relining

The Benefits

1. Trenchless Procedure

There’s little to no digging involved in the procedure. A liner is introduced from an upstream point for the relining, so we wouldn’t need to wreak havoc on your property. This is quite helpful as intrusive procedures often leave a mess, and you’ll need to wait months for everything to return to its original state.

2. Faster

Besides being highly intrusive, changing pipes also requires days to get over. But pipe relining is much faster. And in some cases, our plumbers would be done in only a few hours, depending on the extent of your pipe and the level of damage.

3. Adds Strength

Pipe relining technology makes your pipes more durable and long-lasting. The new resin layer acts as the pipe and even prevents cracks in the original. Epoxy resin is also known for combating root intrusions, a common reason for cracked underground pipes.

Additionally, relined pipes help to mend any weak spots in the original pipe. And as the pipes are cleared before the procedure, the flow rate increases drastically. Some resin liners also come with the capability of breaking down any future obstructions.

4. Cost-Effective

Let’s be honest, most of us are wary of pipe-related works because of the hefty price. So, you would be relieved to know that the cost for pipe relining Gold Coast is quite reasonable. We will provide an upfront price quote and let you know if any extra costs are incurred during relining of the pipes.

Gold Coast Plumbing Company

About Us

Gold Coast Plumbing Company has dealt with plumbing problems since our journey started in 2015. We make sure to hand-pick our professionals and train them to deal with your problem with minute care. We are also equipped with the latest high-quality gear to do the tasks efficiently, and we provide a warranty for every completed job.

Before we start any project, expect a free inspection of the area from our side. We also have a fixed pricing policy. So you’ll receive a transparent price quote on all of our plumbing services before starting the pipe relining work.

We try to provide a safe and trusted work environment to our customers and plumbers with our professional service. We have many satisfied customers, and rest assured our professionals will do their best while working at your residential and commercial properties. That is why we are the pipe relining Gold Coast residents know and trust!

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At Gold Coast Plumbing Company, we are always ready to take your calls for your pipe relining services.

We strive to provide a fantastic service and the best option for you to repair damaged pipes whilst maintaining excellent communication.

For a blocked sewer and a broken drain repair, avail or inquire more about our pipe lining service. You can get to us through our phone numbers on our website. Our pipe relining specialists are available Mondays through Fridays from 7 AM to 5 PM.

You can also visit our “Contact Us” page, fill in the form with your correct details, and We’ll get back to you the soonest time possible.

Need your broken pipes fixed? Rely on the pipe relining experts. Rely on us!
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As a real estate agent I am forever dealing with tradespeople and we all know at times they can be great and others not so great. Jake was on time, very professional and extremely helpful answering all my questions. He did a fantastic job and attended to all other items I needed attended to.
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Jamie was very professional and helpful. Fixed my Blocked drain. Dug up and replaced the pipe that was blocked by a 4 meter tree root. Great value for the quality work done. I will use them again for sure if I have plumbing issues. Highly recommended!
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Cannot fault the service provided by Gold Coast Plumbing. From constant communication from Stephanie and the hard work carried out by Andrew. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would highly recommend them to anyone.
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You don't get this many 5 star reviews for no reason! Gold Coast Plumbing Company were just fantastic to deal with. They turned up on time, explained what work they needed to do, and all the costs involved. They absolutely went above and beyond for us with this job - We’ll definitely use their services again.
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