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Leaking Tap Repairs Gold Coast

Are you struggling with a leaking tap? Get it fixed today before it turns into a more serious issue. Contact Gold Coast Plumbing Company for a fast and reliable service.

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Leaking Tap? We’ll Fix it

Dripping taps, the most common plumbing issue, may only be the tip of an iceberg of possible plumbing problems in need of extensive plumbing services. When you see water flowing from under the cover plate, or there’s that drip-drip-drip of your leaking bathroom tap— it can be annoying, especially when, no matter how you lessen the water pressure, it’s still there. But there are plenty of other reasons why you can’t afford to ignore leaking taps or a faulty tap body in your home or business. There may be undetected leaks damaging your plumbing system. And you may not be aware of them because you don’t know where they are. Leaking tap repair may seem simple, but the constant drip and water leaking could be something bigger and more complicated than just the washer and jumper valve and the O-ring of the body washer in need of change. It’s a serious plumbing emergency that ought to be addressed immediately by a very professional service you would definitely recommend to your family and friends.

You’ll need professional help from plumbing experts and a fast and friendly service to get your leaking tap repairs done.

Water is a valuable resource, and we should conserve it. And leaks, if left undone, will give you a bit of heartache and a lot of headaches. More so when the damage becomes worse and your water bill skyrockets. To fix your leaking and dripping tap is to avoid other plumbing problems and further costly plumbing services.

We highly recommend a leak detection plumber identifies a leaking tap drip. Your leaking taps may be a minor leak or a sign of a worse scenario, like a damaged pipe.

Fixing a leaking tap early on will save you from further frustrations and a headache and help you save money. And you’ll be helping conserve water resources, too. Household plumbing systems are complicated. But there are qualified and skilled people who understand how they work and who can provide you with a great service.

  1. Leaking tap wastes water – Save as much as 20,000 litres of water supply each year by getting the dripping taps fixed.
  2. Changing tap washers save money – Every year, the cost of water goes up. So, every saved litre puts more change in your pocket and prevents your water bill from skyrocketing.
  3. Getting the leaking tap fixed prevents damage – Your assets, floors, walls and even your foundations are at risk if you ignore it.
  4. Avoiding tap repair is a health hazard – Water leaks in your home or business can promote mould and mildew growth.

Gold Coast Plumbing Company has solutions for all dripping taps at your home or business. We fix leaking taps Gold Coast-wide. So, save yourself from a costly water bill and reach out to us for a friendly service! Whether you need a leaking tap fixed or you want a tap replacement from what you have now to a mixer tap, we provide the reliable work you deserve. Get in contact today!

Interesting Facts About Taps

Types Of Taps

There are four basic tap type configurations: compression tap washer, ball, disk, and cartridge to break it down. If you forgot to contact the plumbing experts for plumbing services and you want to stop your leaking tap sooner than later, these tap type differences will be crucial if you go the DIY way of changing your tap washers.

1. The Compression Washer Tap

Think about the typical garden tap. It’s a simple handle that screws out to turn the water flow on and screws in to turn it off. The Compression Washer Tap is still found inside many homes. It is a very common and traditional tap type. But it can also be the one that causes the most trouble.

2. The Ball Tap

If you haven’t heard of a ball tap, you probably know it by its more common name: the mixer tap. It’s called this because a single handle can control the flow from both the hot and the cold water sources.

3. The Ceramic Discs Tap

Disk tap is another tap type with a single handle described as a ‘mixer tap’. And these are more common in homes than ball tap types. You can spot the difference between a ball tap type and a disk tap from the latter’s wider, cylinder-shaped body.

4. The Cartridge Tap

In all honesty, the types of taps mentioned above are all quite similar in that simple on/off mechanisms control water flow. The cartridge tap is yet another water tap type referred to as ‘mixer taps’ all over Australia and beyond.

Discover More The Various Water Tap Types

No matter what type of tap you have, you can rely on our professional plumber to fix your leaking tap Gold Coast wide. Give us a call today for a super friendly and super reliable prompt service. Be extremely impressed with our great customer service. We go the extra mile right from the first phone call.

Professional & Friendly Advice

Changing Tap Washers May Not Be Good Enough

Many people – and even some plumbers – may set about changing tap washers only, declaring, “She’ll be right, mate!” But six months later, despite having a tap replacement, you could have a dripping tap again because the tap repair just wasn’t done right the first time and your water bill is skyrocketing again. You weren’t provided the quality service you deserved.

But when you choose the plumbing team with the plumbing experts from the best plumbing company on the Gold Coast, offering guaranteed workmanship too and upfront pricing, to repair your leaking taps, we will:

Our professional plumbers have the solutions to all your plumbing problems, and with guaranteed workmanship too. We provide an excellent job because we listen to you and understand your plumbing needs. Whether it’s a leaking tap or a hot water system or burst pipes, our regular clients have witnessed our cost-effective and honest work with upfront pricing for many years. Check out their reviews of our great service and Google rating below!

So, don’t leave your leaky tap unattended any longer. You can rely on us, your expert plumbers. For an efficient service, get in touch with our plumbing team today!

Tap Repair And Replacement Gold Coast

Why Do You Need Professional Tap Repair?

A tap may seem simple, but it will drip, until you’ve got a bucket of water supply already, unless all the parts work perfectly and in harmony.

You may need to fix a leaking tap if:

If you’re time-poor and you can’t tinker around your leaking tap, call an experienced local plumber for a great service with guaranteed workmanship to do it for you.

This way, you can avoid the risk of damaging the surfaces of your bathroom or kitchen trying to do the repairs yourself. And more importantly, prevent a health hazard caused by the constant moisture that can warp the surfaces and create mould.

Once the friendly tap repair specialists from Gold Coast Plumbing Company are done, your taps will be as good as new! Let’s fix your leaking taps today!

Our other plumbing services with guaranteed workmanship also include:

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Leaking Tap Experts

Save $$$ With The Leaking Tap Experts

Choosing a trustworthy and experienced plumber on the Gold Coast can be challenging. But, that is why we are here to make a difference. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with every project we undertake on the Gold Coast. Whether it’s a malfunctioning hot water system, burst pipes, or another plumbing problem, our plumbing experts have the solutions you need! With all our leaking tap repairs and tap replacement, we offer:

  • Unique Fixed Pricing
  • No call-out fee and save with $50 off today (conditions apply)
  • Free plumbing system inspection with any paid work
  • Our workmanship has a lifetime guarantee
  • We have more than 550 five star Google reviews

Every Gold Coast Plumbing Company licensed plumber is fully qualified, insured and ready to respond to all types of plumbing work across the region. No matter what your plumbing needs are, we got your back! From gas hot water system installation to water main repairs and more, you can rely on our high standard quality work. We’ll resolve the issue quickly so you can just step back and admire a proper job well done of handling leaking tap repairs in a timely manner. Don’t choose a plumber to fix your leaking tap until you have talked to the plumbing experts from the Gold Coast Plumbing Company! Get in touch today. We look forward to assisting you!

Are you struggling with other plumbing issues aside from a leaking mixer tap? Is your hot water system not working? Whether it’s your hot water system or your backflow prevention device, you can rely on our plumbing experts for all your plumbing problems. We don’t only focus in tap repairs. Gold Coast Plumbing Company offers a wide range of plumbing services at an affordable price and with guaranteed workmanship too.

Our fully stocked vans are always ready to respond to calls and to get you out of your plumbing situation as soon as possible. We’re even ready to be in your place today! We go the extra mile to fix all the broken parts in your plumbing system!

Need a dripping tap fixed? For a fast and friendly service with upfront pricing, rely only on the best. Rely on us!

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From very initial contact this company was a pleasure to deal with. I've had bad experiences, so tend to be wary, but these guys were great. Job was done quick, price was fair and person who came was really professional. I don't normally leave reviews, but these guys deserved it. Won't bother using anyone else ever again. Thanks for an easy experience.
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Talia Quinn stars google
As a real estate agent I am forever dealing with tradespeople and we all know at times they can be great and others not so great. Jake was on time, very professional and extremely helpful answering all my questions. He did a fantastic job and attended to all other items I needed attended to.
Jody Young stars facebook
Jamie was very professional and helpful. Fixed my Blocked drain. Dug up and replaced the pipe that was blocked by a 4 meter tree root. Great value for the quality work done. I will use them again for sure if I have plumbing issues. Highly recommended!
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Jose Tapiador stars facebook
Cannot fault the service provided by Gold Coast Plumbing. From constant communication from Stephanie and the hard work carried out by Andrew. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would highly recommend them to anyone.
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David Stone stars facebook
You don't get this many 5 star reviews for no reason! Gold Coast Plumbing Company were just fantastic to deal with. They turned up on time, explained what work they needed to do, and all the costs involved. They absolutely went above and beyond for us with this job - We’ll definitely use their services again.
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