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Blocked Sink Drains Gold Coast

A minor blocked sink drain can turn into a big headache. Contact a licensed plumber to clear and make it work again.

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Blocked Sink Drains

Whether it’s a bathroom sink, kitchen drain or laundry tub, blocked drains Gold Coast are more than an annoyance – they’re a headache. Constantly lingering sludge means daily disruptions to routines.

DIY fixes with hangers and boiling water provide short fixes at best. Sooner or later, stubborn debris causes backups worse than before. Don’t gamble with chemical drain cleaners either – one slip could damage pipes.

When professional blocked drain cleaning is needed, no plumber will do. As blocked drain specialists, our team has the tools and expertise required to clear even severely clogged lines. Through decades of serving homeowners, we know which high-powered machines can quickly conquer the toughest drain blockages, restoring flow. Our drain cameras also locate hidden blocked drain issues to prevent future drain blockages.

Don’t let one problem escalate into damage to property. Call the blocked drain experts today for prompt relief before disaster strikes. We offer emergency response, so help is never far away during plumbing chaos.

Let our blocked drain plumbers take care of the problem properly. Our blocked drain services provide long-lasting solutions and peace of mind so your drains run freely once more!

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Drain Experts

Save $$$ With The Blocked Drain Experts

We’re a team of professional plumbers here at Gold Coast Plumbing Company. We can respond to all types of plumbing works. We’re qualified, licensed and we work across the region.

Talk to our customer representatives if you want to unblock your clogged bathroom sink and other blocked sinks. If it’s an emergency plumbing service, we’re on standby to take your call, too.

Enjoy these perks and more:

  • Free drain camera inspection valued at $349 with every significant drain unblocking
  • 6-month warranty on drain unblocking, T&C’s apply
  • Unique Fixed Pricing
  • Save $50 off today (conditions apply)
  • Free plumbing system inspection with any paid work
Need a professional team for your residential and commercial properties? Contact us today!

How Will We Save You Money???

If we identify the problem as the local council’s responsibility, we bill them, not you.

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We take care of the whole process.

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We’ll contact the council and work with them to get your drains flowing.

How’d this happen!

Signs Of A Blocked Sink

You’ll know it if your sink is blocked. Apart from the fact that your dish, laundry, or bathroom water is no longer going down, some noticeable signs of a clogged bathroom sinks and other blocked sinks may be:

How Did Your Sink Become Blocked?

There are various causes why your sink drain can get clogged. It can be a build-up of food debris, grease and gunk. Or it can be a more significant and underlying plumbing problem like broken pipes or insufficient water flow. Whatever may be causing your blocked bathroom sink or kitchen drains, it is essential to clear the clog.

Don’t hesitate to call us. We can be at your Gold Coast home to fix your blocked sink drain in no time!

We Can Help You

How To Unblock A Clogged Sink Drain?

You can try a DIY solution and have a go with the plunger. Or try organic ingredients available in your pantry to dissolve clogged waste and materials. If nothing works, you can try the following:

If you put your fingers down the drain hole and pull out all sorts of hair and smelly gunk, then there could be more beneath the surface, causing the blockage. Get a coat hanger and straighten it out of shape, effectively creating a hook at one end. And then go fishing down the drain! You’ll be amazed at how much ‘stuff’ you’ll pull out of the drain. But be careful you don’t accidentally compact a blockage and make it worse.

If you think the coat hanger can’t reach that blockage, you could always try going one step further. For instance, for the U pipe beneath your kitchen or bathroom sink, it may not be difficult to undo the nuts with a plumber’s wrench – be sure to put a big bucket underneath and make sure the water is turned off! Once removed, you don’t need us to tell you how to clear that pipe of the blockage.

Mix that baking soda with some vinegar and pour it down the drain. Let it sit in the blockage for an hour to do its magic.

There are other methods you can try yourself. But if you’ve done everything and you still have a stubborn sink drain blockage, Gold Coast Plumbing Company is here to help.

Quicker Service

Deal With Your Blocked Sink Today

Don’t ignore your blocked sink drain. You may think clogged drains are only minor problems. However, a small problem can turn into something bigger, more challenging, damaging, and costly.

Call Gold Coast Plumbing Company right now. We’ll make sure we end your blocked sink problem and clear your blocked drains. With our expertise, equipment and experience, you can have your sink back up and running again in no time.

Contact our friendly team of fully qualified and expert plumbers at Gold Coast Plumbing Company on 1300 792 041. We look forward to assisting you with your clogged drain and other plumbing problems on the Gold Coast.

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Free plumbing system inspection with any paid work. Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.

Drain Fixing

Equipment To Fix Your Drain!

We Have The Know How And Equipment To Fix Your Drain!

For some blocked drains, a bit of old fashioned plunging can do the trick, restoring water flow quickly. Other times we need tools designed for tree root removal from drains.

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CCTV Drain Cameras

Don’t trust any old plumber to do the job right. Not every Gold Coast plumber uses a drain camera, and if they do, they’ll charge you for it. Not at Gold Coast Plumbing Company!

water jetter

Powerful water jetters

Water jetting involves the length of the hose is inserted into pipework. High-pressure water is then pumped into the hose and sprayed through a specialised nozzle, powerful enough to clear.

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Peace of mind with our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.

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We’re the local plumber you can trust with hundreds of reviews from happy customers.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Happy Customers

The plumber Gold Coast locals trust the most for commercial, residential and general maintenance. This is what they say about our Gold Coast Plumbers.

From very initial contact this company was a pleasure to deal with. I've had bad experiences, so tend to be wary, but these guys were great. Job was done quick, price was fair and person who came was really professional. I don't normally leave reviews, but these guys deserved it. Won't bother using anyone else ever again. Thanks for an easy experience.
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Talia Quinn stars google
As a real estate agent I am forever dealing with tradespeople and we all know at times they can be great and others not so great. Jake was on time, very professional and extremely helpful answering all my questions. He did a fantastic job and attended to all other items I needed attended to.
Jody Young stars facebook
Jamie was very professional and helpful. Fixed my Blocked drain. Dug up and replaced the pipe that was blocked by a 4 meter tree root. Great value for the quality work done. I will use them again for sure if I have plumbing issues. Highly recommended!
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Jose Tapiador stars facebook
Cannot fault the service provided by Gold Coast Plumbing. From constant communication from Stephanie and the hard work carried out by Andrew. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would highly recommend them to anyone.
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David Stone stars facebook
You don't get this many 5 star reviews for no reason! Gold Coast Plumbing Company were just fantastic to deal with. They turned up on time, explained what work they needed to do, and all the costs involved. They absolutely went above and beyond for us with this job - We’ll definitely use their services again.
Jayden O'Connell stars google