Water Filter Installation and Reverse Osmosis System Installation

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Water Filter Installation and Reverse Osmosis System Installation

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It’s hard to exaggerate how important water is to all life on earth – and us human beings are definitely no exception! So have you considered getting a water filter installation done at your place?

Every time you get thirsty is the perfect demonstration of the crucial role water plays in our healthy lives. But are you sure the water you are putting in your family’s mouths is truly safe? Are you aware that the issue of water quality is only getting more important as population and pollution levels soar?

Did you know the water that comes out of your taps can be contaminated with metals, chemicals, pesticides, parasites, bacteria and all sorts of other organic and inorganic compounds?

Did you there is a way to ensure your water is truly fresh, safe, delicious and pure without reverting to the inconvenience and expense of bottled water?

Save $$$ With The Water Filter and Reverse Osmosis System Installation Experts.

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Our Gold Coast plumbers are fully qualified, insured and ready to respond for all types of plumbing work across the region. Don’t choose a plumber to install your water filters until you have talked to Gold Coast Plumbing Company.

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Unique Fixed Pricing. No callout fee. Free plumbing system inspection with any paid work. Call the plumbers Gold Coast can rely on for fast and friendly service.

Why consider a water filter tap fitting?

It’s just a fact that filtered water makes your water taste and smell significantly better. And the removal of all those metals, chemicals, germs and 2000 other contaminants makes it a whole lot safer for the whole family.

A water filter is a point-of-use technology that makes your usual water supply safe and delicious by the time it gets from the tap to your lips.

Water filter installation will:

  • Make your water source clean, tasty and healthy
  • Be much less expensive, and much more convenient and environmentally friendly, than bottled water
  • Reduce your risk of certain cancers through the removal of chlorine
  • Remove over 2000 bad contaminants and leave in the healthy, pH-balancing minerals
  • Protect your family from disease and promote health.

Why not let Gold Coast Plumbing Company install a state of the art reverse osmosis water filter for you?

The best and greatest scientifically-proven water filter on the market is called a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System – and word is spreading fast about its benefits.

What is reverse osmosis technology?

Reverse Osmosis MechanicsScientific screening has proved that reverse osmosis is the most effective way to get the bad stuff out of your water. In fact, it’s the water filtration technology that is most regularly recommended by the health care industry, due to its multitude of benefits.

Why’s that? Because the contaminants are removed from the water at the molecular level – in other words, at a level that is much smaller than the water itself. It’s a different and much more thorough process compared to normal carbon water filtration, with the contaminants removed via the high-pressure pushing of water through a semi-permeable membrane.

Reverse osmosis filters:

  • Are safe and effective
  • Produce great-tasting water
  • Are fully automated and easy to maintain
  • Are affordably priced, costing about 3 cents per litre.

Gold Coast Plumbing Company can install the sort of reverse osmosis water filter Australia is raving about at your home or small business today! We don’t charge a callout fee, you’ll know the price of the job before our skilled plumbers start work, and we’ll take $50 off the bill if you book an installation for regular business hours.

Better still, an installation by Gold Coast Plumbing Company of a reverse osmosis filter comes with a lifetime workmanship guarantee, so there’s really no reason not to call the friendly team right now on 1300 390 361.

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