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The kitchen sink is one of the most well used, important, and useful parts of your entire home. But there are also sinks in the bathroom, laundry and elsewhere – and a blockage in any one of them is enough to make you pull your hair out in frustration or recoil in disgust.

Unfortunately, a blocked kitchen or bathroom sink is a very common problem. And, because it is a part of the house that is not only used daily but performs a very important function, a blocked sink is going to seriously ruin your day – or worse.

A kitchen sink needs its drain to be fully clear so that it can work properly and effectively in conjunction with your household plumbing system. If you think a minor problem could be turning into a blocked kitchen or bathroom sink, or if the drain is already completely blocked, you could need the help of a licensed plumber to get it clear and working again.

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Unique “Up Front” Pricing. No Callout Fee. Free Plumbing System Inspection with any paid work. Call the plumbers Gold Coast can rely on for fast and friendly service.

What’s the problem with a blocked sink?

Apart from the fact that your dish, laundry or bathroom water is no longer going down, a blocked kitchen or blocked bathroom sink will:

  • Smell bad
  • Cause a mess
  • Cause flooding
  • Breed bacteria.

So what are the telltale signs of a blocked kitchen sink?

If your sink is completely blocked, you probably know all about it already. But if you’re not completely sure, look out for:

  • That typical drain smell
  • Water that is slow to drain
  • Gurgling noises.

How did your sink becomes blocked?

Whether caused by a big foreign object, a build-up of food and gunk over time, or an underlying and more serious plumbing problem, there are plenty of ways your sink may have become clogged.

  • Foreign object
  • Build-up of food, hair, dirt, grease
  • Storms
  • Broken or poorly installed pipes
  • Bad water flow.

How to get that kitchen sink unblocked

If you’ve already had a go with the plunger, and tried pouring some boiling hot water or special chemical down the drain, you’ve either got a very stubborn sink blockage or a problem elsewhere in your plumbing system.

Either way, Gold Coast Plumbing Company is here to help!

We offer:

  • Up-front pricing
  • No callout fee and $50 off in business hours
  • Lifetime workmanship guarantee.

Getting an experienced, fast and friendly kitchen and bathroom sink professional on the job could prevent your simple clogged sink from becoming a much bigger problem. Blocked sinks can smell terrible, cause a huge mess, damage your appliances, floors and other assets, and even pose a serious health risk.

By calling Gold Coast Plumbing Company right now, we’ll make sure we end your blocked sink problem straight away with all the right know-how, equipment and parts that will tackle every different type of blockage.

Is your blocked kitchen sink an emergency?

A plumbing emergency can range from the inconvenient to the downright damaging and dangerous. So keep your family safe, your damage bills low and your assets secure by using our round-the-clock emergency plumbing service number immediately. 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, if you call 1300 390 361, someone will answer.

Deal with your blocked sink today

But even if it’s not an emergency, hesitating to deal with that blocked sink could cause a small problem that is easy and cheap to fix to turn into something much more difficult, complex, damaging and costly.

So give your blocked sink the love and attention it needs today by getting the Gold Coast Plumbing Company on the case. Every type of household sink or drain is no match for our skills, equipment and experience, so call the friendly team at Gold Coast Plumbing Company on 1300 390 361.

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Unique “Up Front” Pricing. No Callout Fee. Free Plumbing System Inspection with any paid work. Call the plumbers Gold Coast can rely on for fast and friendly service.