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5 Fast Facts about Rinnai Hot Water Systems

24 January

Rinnai hot water tank systems is a household name for hot water heaters and hot water services.

A trusted name in hot water, Rinnai’s extensive range of products is designed with advanced technology. They are highly recommended for their environment-friendliness, convenience, and, most importantly, their highly reliable quality. Truly, you can trust Rinnai and have total confidence in its high efficiency, installation versatility, and wide selection of hot water heaters.

Want a new hot tap with an endless supply to provide you the perfect temperature all year round? Or do you want a Rinnai continuous flow or any kind of hot water system with a status operation monitor to show you the temperature your new Rinnai is set? Interested in acquiring and installing the Rinnai Infinity? Rinnai is a leading brand for continuous flow hot water systems. Rinnai is the company that introduced Australia’s first-ever full electronic gas continuous flow hot water system. This isn’t just a Rinnai water tank systems quiz. Still, this fact is essential because this Rinnai instantaneous natural gas hot water systems was an innovation that revolutionised how we enjoy hot water unit today, ensuring that you’ll never face the prospect of a cold shower by also committing to using low emissions and high efficiency. With Rinnai, you’ll not only enjoy hot baths but also save energy.

Rinnai Hot Water Systems Review

In this Rinnai hot water system review, we’re taking a closer look at the Japanese brand called Rinnai. People have been trusting the hot water systems to heat water for them every day for the past 49 years and counting.

Our Featured Rinnai Water Heater Systems Gold Coast

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular Rinnai electric hot water systems on the market today.

Rinnai hot water storage systems: The brand has various single and twin-element Rinnai electric hot water systems in multiple sizes, including natural gas systems and super energy-efficient heat pumps.

Their available natural gas or LPG hot water unit systems are made to only heat water as it’s required, so you know you’re making an environmentally conscious choice, not to mention energy efficient.

Rinnai continuous flow hot water: As we’ve mentioned, look no further than Rinnai if you ever wondered who introduced the first endless hot water solutions to Australia. Rinnai ensures you never run out of hot water. The first in this series of sleek designs hit the market in the early 90s.

Rinnai solar hot water systems: When you live in Australia, it simply makes sense to use the never-ending and accessible source of energy that beams down from the heavens – the sun. Rinnai’s ultimate range of solar systems is on the cutting edge of innovation, saving you money and helping the planet. Planning to change for a more environmentally friendly water heater? Grab your solar hot water systems now from Rinnai.

Learn Even More About Rinnai

Rinnai Electric Hot Water System

If seeing Rinnai’s logo becomes instantly recognisable, there’s an excellent reason for that. It’s one of Australia’s leading suppliers and innovators of household products.

You may or may not know this, but here are some facts about Rinnai that may surprise you:

1. Rinnai is made in Australia.

The Rinnai brand you enjoy may be Japanese, but Rinnai Australia has three world-class manufacturing facilities in South Australia and Victoria.

2. But they have manufacturing sites and facilities worldwide.

But apart from those three facilities, there are about 40 Rinnai manufacturing facilities in Japan and elsewhere worldwide.

3. Although almost synonymous with hot water, Rinnai does more than that.

You may love their reliable and innovative hot water systems, but Rinnai also boasts a great range of state-of-the-art air conditioners and heaters.

4. Rinnai, an ancient brand, has a track record spanning more than fifty years.

Rinnai has been around for about 50 years in Australia, providing a great service in many Australian homes, but the brand is much older. Kanekichi Hayashi and Hidejiro Naito founded the company in 1918. Hidejiro was inspired by blue flames coming from an imported cooking stove.

5. The demand for Rinnai increases every year.

Every year, Rinnai product lovers buy an incredible 12 million Rinnai appliances. The continuous hot water systems are top-rated, with 30 million sold worldwide.

Bonus fact: As Rinnai continues to deliver, it’s now the world’s number 1 in compact and convenient continuous flow systems.

We hope you enjoyed this Rinnai hot water system review as much as we enjoyed putting it together! We care about supplying and installing only the very best hot water systems.

Please don’t take our word for it. Do your due diligence and ask around and see the excellent feedback users of the Rinnai hot water system have.

Maybe you’re in the market looking for the best brands that’ll suit your lifestyle, budget and personality. Or perhaps, you’re planning to change your old system to a new hot water system, or even updating your tempering valve. An extensive range of ideas can bog you down and hinder you from getting the right hot water system or a new unit. You need to consider water conservation, energy usage, safety, versatility, installation costs, most competitive prices available in the market and more.

And on an important note: many non-compliant water heater installations are becoming a significant concern. 40% of these installations fail to meet required standards. This is according to a report from Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

We don’t only provide various excellent services for your plumbing problems. You can trust our professional plumbers to perform Rinnai hot water repairs and install your Rinnai for you. We know which hot water systems are the best performing. All systems we’ve installed score high in a reliability survey published in Choice Magazine, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group.

We would be honoured to give you advice and a consultation today. From the full range of Rinnai hot water systems and other top hot water system brands, including Therman and Rheem, we can help you. Or for any hot water system problems you may have or emergency plumbing situation, call us today – the friendly hot water team! Get in touch with us for excellent service at a reasonable price on Gold Coast!

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