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6 Fascinating Facts About Rheem Hot Water Systems

23 January

If you love a steaming hot bath or shower, there’s still an awful lot more than that to love about Rheem. Rheem hot water systems is one of Aussie hot water brands that Australians and Gold Coast locals like you love to trust. They have a range of affordable, super high quality, reliable, and brilliantly energy-efficient products. And we’re going to take a closer look at them in this Rheem hot water system review.

Install A Rheem Hot Water Systems Gold Coast

Did you know that simply heating the water you need in the kitchen and bathroom accounts for more than a quarter of your entire average energy bill? That’s a lot of money! Which is why we recommend to install a Rheem hot water systems Gold Coast wide.

Rheem’s hot water systems are not only kind to your hip pocket but good for the environment too. Thanks to a constantly evolving range of innovative energy and water-saving gas, solar, heat pump and Rheem electric hot water systems.

Gold Coast Plumbing Company’s Favourite Rheem Hot Water Systems

Rheem Hot Water System Set

You don’t need to look around our beautiful streets for long to know that Gold Coast households love a Rheem! Our favourite Rheem products are:

Solar: Rheem is nothing less of a global pioneer in solar hot water systems. It’s no surprise this water-heating technology is so efficient it can slash your energy use by 80% and more.

Heat pumps: This new and innovative hot water technology uses the heat in the air to create renewable energy. Based on Rheem electric hot water systems, heat pumps use only a third of the energy of a standard system.

Gas: Another of Rheem’s deserved boasts is of being a leader in efficient gas products. Remember the 90s and the Rheem’ Stellar’, the world’s first five-star gas hot water system? These days, Rheem has super-contact continuous flow gas water heaters. They attract impressive 7-star equivalent ratings.

6 Fascinating Facts About Rheem

Impressed by our Rheem hot water system review? Before you consider getting yourself a new heat pump, here are some cool facts about this innovative company that may blow you away even more:

1. Rheem originally made … drums

The original American company, called Rheem Manufacturing Company, actually started out making galvanised steel drums.

2. The family who founded Rheem

That drum company was founded by brothers Richard Rheem and Donald Rheem. They’re the sons of William Rheem – the former president of the Standard Oil Company of California.

3. That’s quite Ruud

Some historians can’t help saying Ruud when they think of Rheem – because Rheem bought Ruud in 1954. Ruud developed the first-ever automatic hot water system in 1889, which was gas-fired.

4. The first Australian Rheem water heater was made 83 years ago

The first Australian Rheem water heater was made in Sydney in 1939 – two years after the company started making (you guessed it) … drums!

5. What does BHP have to do with it?

BHP made the steel that went into those first Rheem electric hot water systems, and do you know why? The Aussie mining company owned a 50% share.

6. Rheem — a true Aussie company

While Rheem may have started as an American drum manufacturer, the US company was bought out in 1973. In other words, Rheem could claim to be truly Australian. Aussie winemaker Southcorp bought Rheem in 1988, and Paloma Co Ltd now controls it.

In Need Of A New Hot Water System? Our Hot Water Services Include…

Did you know that only a licensed plumber like the experienced hot water experts at Gold Coast Plumbing Company can install your new hot water system? Our whole team can also repair your old hot water system or make sure it is ideally suited to your home, family and needs. We not only supply and install Rheem hot water systems, but we also offer other plumbing-related professional service. So for top quality hot water brands like Rheem and quality hot water services, super-fast installation, repairs, and expert advice, give Gold Coast Plumbing Company a call today on 1300 854 279. Let’s install a Rheem!