Do you manage property or own an investment property?

Is you current plumbing company providing the service you expect?
Does your current plumbing company contact tenants within 24 hours of their receiving a work instruction?
Does your current plumbing company prioritise emergency work for you?
Does your current plumbing company charge a reasonable rate and provide the highest quality workmanship?
Does you current plumbing company respond to emergencies 24/7?

We can help.

We have a solution for any plumbing problem in your home or business premises.
If your current plumbing company isn’t providing good service, contacting tenants or giving your emergency work the priority that it deserves then we can help.
If your current plumbing company doesn’t charge a reasonable and consistent rate we can help.
If your current plumbing company doesn’t provide quality workmanship and emergency response with a lifetime guarantee, then we can help.


What can we do?

We guarantee timely attendance, high standard of presentation and friendly service.
We guarantee reasonable and consistent charge rates with the highest quality workmanship.

Unlike most Plumbers we don’t just fix the leak or burst pipe.
We will dismantle, dig and demolish.
Fix, repair or replace.
Rebuild, fill in, re-concrete and paint if necessary (only work valued at $3300 or less).

To keep your job easy, we will restore the site to it’s original condition or better.
That means no organising extra trades as we have it covered.


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Why Choose Gold Coast Plumbing Company?

Experience – Our tradespeople have years of experience.
Equipment- Our company has the right equipment.
Guarantee – Our workmanship has a lifetime guarantee.
Quality – Unlike our competitors we provide affordable quality.
Genuine – We genuinely want to provide you with a service that will keep you as a customer who will come back for years to come.