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7 Benefits of the Plumbers Compliance Certificate

25 January

For most of us, when we need plumbing work done, it’s a relatively simple matter of finding a great plumber for the plumbing jobs and then getting on with life. But what’s all this you’ve heard about plumbers’ compliance certificates when you hire plumbers?

If a pipe has gone bang, your drain is blocked, your hot water’s on the blink, or you’re getting a new kitchen sink installed, you’re going to need a licensed plumber — one that meets the industry standards and understands the importance of plumbing compliance certificates; how the licensed plumber must provide the plumbing compliance certificates within five days.

You don’t know how many plumbing complaints the Victorian Building Authority received are concerning or include plumbing compliance certificates. In Queensland legislation, plumbing work is categorised in four ways.

Four Plumbing Work Category In Queensland Legislation

There’s unregulated, minor, notifiable, and assessable compliance work. And depending on what you’re doing or getting done, you will almost certainly need licensed plumbers. You may need to let the Council know and even need council approval or inspection.

So, if you’re getting your plumbing done and looking around for a great Gold Coast plumber, ask them if they know all about the plumber’s certificate and follow the prescribed plumbing standards. Without a compliance certificate, it can be considered a serious offence.

But what is a certificate of compliance exactly? Why is it so significant?

What is a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance?

It’s a document that licensed plumbers will give you and the relevant bodies that certify that the work done complies with all of the plumbing standards, codes and regulations that may be applicable. Only a licensed plumber can issue a plumbing certificate because it’s an important document that protects against lousy workmanship and incomplete work.

Can you imagine the risk, too, if the work involves consumer gas piping and you said the “licensed plumber” doesn’t know about the certificate of compliance?

What Exactly is a Plumbing Compliance Certificate For?

That plumbing compliance certificate isn’t just a piece of bureaucratic paper the plumber signs on. It’s proof that the work carried out is compliant, tested, and proven safe. Faulty workmanship is rampant nowadays and dangerous to your health and property.

It’s your and your plumber’s legal obligation to ensure that the plumbing work done is compliant, working and safe. The plumber’s compliance certificates are a permanent legal record of that.

What Makes Plumbers Compliance Certificates Important?

1. Preventing Substandard Work

Compliance certificates for plumbers serve as a crucial filter, weeding out unqualified individuals and ensuring that only skilled, licensed professionals are entrusted with your plumbing needs, thus preventing subpar workmanship.

2. Ensuring Quality Service

By highlighting certified professionals, compliance certificates make it easier and more secure for homeowners to identify and hire exemplary plumbers, ensuring high-quality service for their plumbing projects.

3. Gas Safety Assurance

A gas compliance certificate guarantees that your gas fitter not only holds the necessary license but has also performed gas work to the stringent safety standards required by law, with these certificates exclusively issued by insured and duly qualified experts.


7 Benefits

4. Property Protection

If you engage a plumber who will not meet state regulations, you risk your valuable property (and even more hard-earned money). You can be sure to have some plumbing complaints if you work with a plumber who may be experienced but didn’t meet the state regulations. So, ensure your local plumber provides you with a certificate of compliance.

5. Safety

Remember, all those regulations – including the plumber’s compliance certificate – protect you, your family and your community regarding health, safety and comfort.

6. Penalties

In short, you want to avoid them! It’s not just the plumber who could be liable for breaching the rules about compliance certificates — you could be, too! And the penalties can be harsh. Not to mention having to get the work done again correctly, this time by a professional plumber.

7. Insurance

If the plumbing certificate of compliance is missing or not completed correctly, you could run into trouble with your insurance company if you ever need to make a claim.

So, in a nutshell, if you raise the issue of the plumbing compliance certificate with the plumber of your choice, and they fob you off, that’s a flashing red flag!

Rely Only On The Licensed And Accredited Plumbers For A Reliable Service

With Gold Coast Plumbing Company, you can be sure we’re not just highly recommended, skilled, and experienced plumbers and gas fitters for your gas appliances. We’re fully licensed, insured, and well-versed in all the ins and outs of the plumber’s compliance certificate, too!

We follow the prescribed plumbing standards. You can rely on our licensed plumber no matter what plumbing job you need to be done or gas works carried out.
We do a final inspection before we consider any projects complete.

We provide quality standards-compliant work and service in all areas of the Gold Coast, including Labrador, Pacific Pines, Robina, Palm Beach, Varsity Lakes and everywhere in between. For further information, check out our plumbing FAQs or contact us today!