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Researching Outdoor Shower Ideas? Answer These Questions First!

15 February

We hope we don’t have to convince you that showering every day is a good idea. But personal hygiene aside, taking a hot or cool shower is either a perfect way to get into the morning or something relaxing and cleansing to cap off another hard day of toil. But here’s something you may not have given much thought to – outdoor showers. Is it a thing?

We’ve certainly all used one at the beach from time to time. But many people are discovering the joys of winding down and washing off amid the sun, breeze and even the stars in their actual garden.

Outdoor showers are also practical, particularly if you love getting dirty in the garden or sweaty during exercise or a quick dip in the pool. Taking a quick rinse in your outdoor showers is even a great way to reduce your big water bill in the long term. As sometimes a swift and efficient splash outside after a swim is all you need.

Also, an outdoor shower extension increases the value of your property. So, if you’re planning to list your property someday to sell or rent it out, your outdoor shower will be one of the accent features that will bring you more cash.

But in all likelihood, it’s an idea that will either appeal to you and your family or not. If it intrigues you and you want to get that outside shower renovation and have one, for practical reasons or luxury, why not? The Gold Coast Plumbing Company can help! We don’t just fix your plumbing. We can also help you renovate your bathroom or take the bold step of exploring a dreamy outdoor shower.

Researching Outdoor Shower Ideas

Researching Outdoor Shower Ideas

Researching Outdoor Shower Ideas

So if outdoor showers sound like a tempting idea, we’re posing these questions you will want to consider before taking the invigorating plunge:

1. Simple Or Fancy?

Before researching an eye-catching outdoor space for your shower, know what kind of outdoor shower you want.

If you want something super-practical to wash the sand or chlorine off after a swim, or an extension beside your pool, you can stick to the basics. Keep your budget low with minimal parts, plumbing and an entry-level outdoor shower head.

But many lovers of outdoor showers aren’t just into the practical side of things – they want their outdoor shower to be a luxury retreat or indulgence. Believe it or not, many outdoor shower users consider a shower au naturel to be one of life’s little pleasures and like a mini holiday every day. And in that case, when it comes to imagination and the budget, the sky is the only limit.

2. Hot Or Cold?

You probably have the outdoor shower memories of a refreshing and uncomfortable 30 seconds under chilling cold water. But mainly, there’s no reason you can’t pipe steaming hot water to your outdoor showers.

Talk to the plumbing experts about managing this hot water outdoor shower solution in the most affordable and practical way. This will probably mean tapping into your existing hot water infrastructure. Or installing a new hot water system and choosing between electric, gas or continuous flow options.

Another option is to extend the environmental theme of your new outdoor shower idea by going green. You can consider either a heat pump or a solar hot water system.

3. What Sort Of Screening Or Wall Do I Want?

There are endless and creative ways to design a screen for your outdoor shower. You can use wood, concrete, rocks, bamboo, and even plants for aesthetics and further ensure outdoor showering privacy.

4. Do I Need To Consider Drainage & Outdoor Lighting?

When you consider your drainage, you also need to check the type of soil where you plan to build your outdoor shower. It would be best to determine the volume of wastewater produced and its proximity to existing structures. If you install the shower on a wall of your house or nearby, you need to keep water away from the foundation.

5. Is A Half Inside/Half Outside Shower A Better Idea?

Again, nothing must stop you from your creativity and sense of adventure. Go for what suits your lifestyle and personality. It’s your shower and for your pleasure, so it all boils down to what you want.

With these fundamental questions answered, you’re just about ready to strip off and start brainstorming those exciting outdoor shower ideas.

So many people are being won over by the practicality and luxury of various simple outdoor shower areas. Imagine it, you don’t have to worry about your fur babies making a trail of mud within your home and destroying your recently cleaned carpets. The rustic vibe of showering outdoors with the lush greenery and in the open air is also picnic and picture-perfect for kids in the summer.

If outdoor showers appeal to you, get in touch with your local plumber to also know the plumbing requirements. From Upper Coomera to Palm Beach and beyond, we can help with your outdoor shower or next bathroom renovation project. Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Let’s install that shower head outside!