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Cooking Up A Modern Kitchen Design Reno?

7 August

Reasons why we go the reno route vary. Some may want to change our rustic design to a contemporary kitchen feel. Or maybe, every morning over a hot cuppa, you’re reminded that your kitchen needs a little (or a lot of) love. And so, you get inspired. Why not make food preparation even more fun with a new pop of colours in the kitchen features or make things cooler with a black kitchen design with open shelving?

You start considering a few additions to freshen up the hub-of-the-house, maybe some new custom-made cabinets, or even go for a full-on knockdown with a few modern kitchen trends in mind, like changing your tiled flooring to hardwood floors.. Or maybe you want renovations because it can be a drag-out — ‘eat takeaway for weeks, while the dream kitchen takes shape’ scenario. Do any of these ring properly for you? Now, you want a modern kitchen design.

Signs You’re Due for a Modern Kitchen Design

Cooking Up A Modern Kitchen Design Reno 1

Deterioration – it’s apparent that it’s the busiest room in the house – it’s showing wear and tear, not just in your kitchen appliances. That’s why it’s time for a full-on quality kitchen-style project and modern kitchen designs.

Value – it’s one of the critical rooms in your home that, when renovated well, can add value. So, if you’re thinking of selling, this is especially important. Consider adding more storage spaces in the kitchen style, like custom-made wooden cabinetry or kitchen cabinets beneath your kitchen island and throwing away your vinyl flooring in favour of exposed and clean concrete floors. Or go for a spacious kitchen. The more space you have, the better.

Lifestyle – maybe your own needs have changed. And now, your kitchen styles and your lifestyle are currently not a match. Perhaps you now want an open plan for your kitchen and dining area: open shelves (custom cabinetry) or shaker-style cabinet doors, clean lines, natural light through floor-to-ceiling windows for the entire kitchen, and larger kitchen islands with pendant lights.

It’s outdated – unless the retro kitchen is the vibe you’re going for, it’s high time you made yours more contemporary and brought it forward a few decades with new kitchen makeovers. Modern kitchens featuring a well-designed island bench can be your new best friend!

It doesn’t look like those on TV – when you look at your kitchen, it doesn’t come close to anything you’ve seen on Better Homes and Gardens or My Kitchen Rules. Your island bench doesn’t have clean lines, and you find open shelving better now than your closed cabinets. You don’t even know what’s behind them anymore. Then, it’s time yours was camera-ready with plenty of natural lighting and the latest wall ovens.

Special needs – the needs of an aging or special needs family member may need to be accommodated, so some changes are a priority for you, maybe the height of your island bench, the taps, and other plumbing and kitchen features or sink fittings.

Energy savings – from more efficient lighting to energy-efficient appliances, there can be some terrific energy savings gained from an upgrade. Let’s make your kitchen more planet-friendly with energy-friendly light fixtures.

2020 Top Modern Kitchen Design Trends

If you go the reno route, you’ll want to be on-trend or something in a timely and detailed fashion for your interior design and cooking space. You’ll wish for modern kitchen ideas, not just repainting your white cabinets.

To help you be fully informed about modern kitchens and similar ideas, here’s what’s on Trend for Modern Kitchen Designs 2020

  1. Using natural materials – from bamboo to quartz for your kitchen islands and open shelving, most kitchens boast natural materials and kick synthetics to the kerb.
  2. Splashes of colour scream modern design and make a statement in everything from seats to cabinetry to multicoloured splashbacks!
  3. All area lighting creates a moody kitchen feel and makes family members feel more at ease and at home.
  4. Incorporating some clever storage solutions is now the kitchen status quo, with some even opting for cutting-edge open shelves next to their eye-catching industrial-style house or minimalist designs with modern touches.
  5. Aside from storage solutions, open shelving lets one get creative and make a statement.
  6. Clean and fresh benchtops add clean and uncluttered lines to the openness of even the smallest kitchen.
  7. Stylish tapware that’s both functional and beautiful – from the trusted stainless steel to the warmth of rose gold to the added drama of black or bronze tapware adds a contemporary accent. You don’t have to choose between the many available stainless steel choices alone.
  8. Innovative technology and increased energy and water efficiencies are being built from the start.
  9. Undercounter fridges and gas hobs integrated into benchtops improve functionality and energy efficiency.
  10. Scratch and stain-resistant flooring is yet another feature of the in-style, on-trend kitchen that is functional and Fido-friendly!

Our Team Knows Their Way Around a Kitchen

Cooking Up A Modern Kitchen Design Reno 2

Not to toot our own horn (okay, maybe just a little!), but the Gold Coast Plumbing Company team is pretty handy to have around the kitchen in the process of getting the best result. Not only do we make a mean cuppa when it comes to kitchens, but we’ll also help you:

  • Fix those leaky faucets
  • Clear those blocked drains for your under-mount sink
  • Install, fix and replace kitchen tapware – from mixers to filter taps and, pullouts and pillars; we’ve got fixtures on tap for purchase, too!
  • Rescue valuables dropped down the drain.
  • Install, fix, and supply sinks of all sorts.
  • Supply, install, fix and remove garbage/waste disposal units or Insinkerator and related products.
  • Installed, fixed, and supplied reverse osmosis units or standard water filtration systems, cartridges, and related products.
  • Install dishwashers and an under-mount sink for a more streamlined design
  • Install, fit and connect your household gas appliances
  • Install gas lines and prepare gas system compliance certificate submissions

Tips for Kitchen Renovation Success

Success doesn’t just happen. It’s planned for. And that is true with any renovation project! So, here are some tips to get it right in the essential part of your home:

  • Don’t overspend – set a practical budget and stick to it
  • Complete a section at a time where possible so that it’s still usable. Start with the kitchen island first, the cabinets or open shelves, or your top priority.
  • If you can’t do it all at once, clarify your vision and bring it to life one phase at a time.
  • Avoid an identity crisis – honour the existing style of the rest of your home and work with it rather than against it.
  • Keep up with trends, determine what works for you, don’t rush it, and let time work for you, as it may lead to identifying less expensive options or shopping the sales.
  • Hire licensed professionals – cabinetmakers, tilers, electricians and, of course, us plumbers.
  • Consider salvaging existing kitchen cupboards, appliances and decor pieces – not everything has to be new.
  • Don’t scrimp on new hardware – in a high-traffic area like the kitchen, getting the highest quality you can afford will serve you well.
  • Take advantage of free advice and tap into the plethora of DIY resources available to amp up your know-how.
  • Use this as an opportunity to get Marie Kondo the crap out of overstuffed drawers and cupboards.

Kitchen Renovation Costs

When it comes to kitchen upgrades, you gotta ask yourself, “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”

In other words, are the costs worth the added benefit of even a low-end budget renovation? Usually, the answer is yes, but how much will that ‘squeeze’ cost you?

There are no absolutes when estimating a kitchen reno. Even if it’s only a tiny kitchen and your kitchen design ideas are only minimal, only adding some kitchen cabinets or painting stuff to get that contemporary kitchen feeling. But, according to the Housing Industry Association’s 2019 report, the average cost to renovate a kitchen is around $26K.

  • Budget Renos usually come in under $10k
  • Mid-range improvements can run between $15k and $25k
  • The spic high-end variety can start at $35k and grow from there.

If even the budget end is more than you have to work with, don’t worry. A new appliance, an updated sink, some open shelving, and new tapware can go a long way in improving the look, functionality, and efficiency of the hub of the house.

For Modern Kitchen Reno, We’re Here to Help!

So, if a kitchen reno is on the menu in your home, we’d be happy to help. From gas fittings to water filters, from chrome mixers to goosenecks, we’ve got everything plumbing related for your modern kitchen design reno, including the kitchen sink! Call us on 1300 792 041.