Leaking Tap? We can help.

We have solutions for all leaking taps in your home or business.

Some plumbers will simply change the washers in a tap and say “she’ll be right mate.” Six months later the taps begin to leak again because the real problem hasn’t been addressed.

When you choose the best Plumbing Company on the Gold Coast to repair your leaking taps we:

  • Isolate water at meter.
  • Disconnect and remove taps.
  • Recut the washer seats
  • Perform full service on both hot and cold taps, cleaning bonnets and spindles.
  • Replacing o-rings, fibre washers and washers.
  • Lubricate spindles and then refit.
  • Turn on water and test.
  • Seal behind and refit flanges and handles.

This will leave your taps “as good as new.”

Fix Leaking Tap Plumber

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  • We have more 5 Star Google reviews than any other Plumbing company on the Gold Coast
  • Customer Service is paramount to us and we strive to keep those excellent reviews coming
  • We are respectful of your property and
  • We wear covers over our work boots to keep your property clean
  • We clean up when our work is complete