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Kitchen Sink Replacement

31 May

We were called recently to a property on the Gold Coast.

The old sink was twenty years old and had seen better days.

There was a water leak from the InSinkErator running into the cupboard below.

The sink was made from a polished fibre glass and due to its age the polished surface had become porus, stained and the sink was no longer able to be cleaned.

The whole sink and leaking pipework was causing problems and needed replacement.

The whole process took 4 hours, with the water off to the property for only 15 minutes in total.

A break down of the job is as follows;

  • removed the In Sink Erator
  • capped off the water and waste
  • removed the existing sink
  • cut a larger hole in the bench top for the new sink
  • cleaned up the saw dust mid way through the job to keep the work area clean and tidy
  • installed the new sink
  • fastened it to the bench
  • sealed the new sink to prevent water getting under the edges
  • installed the tap ware and connected it to the water lines
  • connected the waste pipes
  • cleaned up

Another happy client who now has a more modern and stylish kitchen fixture as part of their overall home improvement plan.

Call us at Gold Coast Plumbing Company if you would like to upgrade the fixtures in your kitchen.

Old Kitchen Sink

Old Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Replacement

Kitchen Sink After

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