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How To Unblock A Drain: DIY Tips

3 February

It’s usually better to leave your plumbing needs to the expert plumbers. Like, maybe your blocked drains. Just thinking about the build-up can be nauseating for some. However, sometimes, like other plumbing problems, you can solve a clogged drain repair independently. You don’t need blocked drain clearing services, a high-pressure water jetter, or a blocked drain plumber. You can still try blocking the drain clearing and preventing attracting drain flies. There are many ways to clear blocked or unclog drains, from chemical drain cleaners to natural cleaners and natural remedies like a drain snake or pouring hot water down the drain, plus white vinegar and a cup of baking soda.

This guide’ll explain an effective drain-unblocking remedy to help you eliminate your drainage issue and save money on your household drain pipe.

DIY Clogged Drains Repair: How Hard Can It Be?

A clogged drain will give you the following indicators, so watch out for them and the very first sign:

  • Gurgling sinks
  • Slow draining showers
  • Overflowing stormwater drains
  • Smelly outdoor drains
  • Blocked pipes
  • Stormwater blockage

How Did Your Sink Become Blocked?

There are different reasons why drains are blocked, and you may need to write some of them down to avoid tough clogs and professional help clearing household drains in the future. It can be a build-up of food, grease, and gunk. Or it can be a more significant and underlying plumbing problem like broken pipes or insufficient water flow.

The common items usually blocking your drains are the following:

  1. Grease and Fats
  2. Hair
  3. Coffee Grounds
  4. Lingering Food
  5. Paper & Cotton Goods
  6. Cigarette butts
  7. Flushable Wipes
  8. Bath Bombs
  9. Makeup
  10. House Paint
  11. Pet Waste
  12. Hard Water Deposits

Whatever may be causing your blocked drain, it is essential to clear or unblock your drains.

How to unblock a drain isn’t rocket science. So, shoo away your panic. You don’t have to be one of the drain experts to fix your clogged drain, whether it’s your shower drain or kitchen sink drain.

Our drains are non-existent as we clean our teeth, shower, wash our clothes, and do the dishes. We don’t notice them until we’ve got drain blockages, where even no matter how much we push or use a plunger or an old toothbrush and blast hot water down the drain with some additional drain cleaners or a cup of baking soda vinegar— and still nothing works. And we end up with more dirty water. When everything goes wrong, that’s when we pay attention. Suddenly, there’s a foul smell coming from down there. There’s a strange gurgling sound you’ve never heard before. And there might be some burst pipes, too.

So, unless you like household floods, it’s time to learn how to unblock a blocked drain.

How To Unclog A Blocked Drain: The Best Cure Is Prevention

The best’ cure’, of course, is prevention. By that, we mean avoiding certain behaviours that typically cause a blocked drain. Like, don’t pour the grease or cooking oil into the sink! Don’t leave or insert debris and scraps into the sink drain opening. If you can, at least once a day, either pour hot water or pour boiling water (even better) and do certain other things that can help. For example, drain screens or throw an odd handful of baking soda and steaming hot water into the sink.

If you plan to use something stronger, like caustic cleaners, make sure to wear rubber gloves. Every now and then, after you run hot water to flush the drain, find a small hook as an effective tool for unblocking drains or your drainage system. Or, if you have drain snakes or drain augers, you can use them for drain blockage. But be careful not to damage pipes or cause further damage! Pour warm water again after you get rid of the clogs.

But suppose you’ve retrieved the balls of hair or even got out the trusty plunger, and you’ve still got gurgling sounds and the telltale signs of stubborn blockages. What a problem! In that case, while we need a professional blocked drain plumber to rectify plumbing issues in many cases, you can possibly remove the clogs from your blocked drain yourself.

Whether you need to solve a shower-blocked or kitchen-blocked sink drain, these DIY drain unblocking methods can help clear your drain blockages.

1. Make A Hook Out Of That Coat Hanger

If you put your fingers down the drain hole and can pull out all sorts of hair and smelly gunk, rest assured there is more beneath the surface. And that could be the source of the blockage.

So get a coat hanger and straighten it out of shape, effectively creating a hook at one end. This will serve as DIY drain snake (plumber’s snake.). And then go fishing down the drain! You’ll be amazed how much ‘stuff’ you’ll pull out of the drain, but be careful not to compact a blockage and make it worse accidentally.

And if you want to step it up a notch from the coat hanger, head to your hardware store. Browse the shelves for commercial blocked drain unclogging tools such as drain snakes.

2. Open The Pipe And Clear Those Blockages

If you think the coat hanger can’t reach that blockage, you could always try going one step further. For instance, it may not be difficult to undo the nuts with a plumber’s wrench for the U pipe beneath your kitchen or bathroom sink. Be sure to put a big bucket underneath and ensure the water is turned off! Once removed, you don’t need us to tell you how to clear that pipe of the blockage.

3. Try The Classic: Baking Soda

As we suggested above, routinely throwing a handful of baking soda down the drains with boiling water works to keep those drains clear. It can also be effective for unblocking missions.
Mix that baking soda with some vinegar to make it extra effective – and listen to it fizz! But don’t listen for long: pour it down the drain and let it sit in the blockage for an hour to do its magic.

4. Try A Bit of Harsher: Caustic Soda

If you think baking soda did half the job but your drain is still clogged, you could try a bit harsher: caustic soda. Just be sure to protect your skin and your eyes. And be careful, for this move may harm your pipes, especially your PVC pipes.

5. Wet Vacuum

A wet vacuum does what it says on the tin – it’s a vacuum when you want to go beyond what a traditional dry vacuum can suck up. That also works in case of a ‘wet’ sink, shower or drain – create as good a seal as you can over the opening, crank up the power, and don’t be surprised if it conveniently puts a massive drain blockage into the vacuum bag where it belongs.

For stubborn or recurring blockages or bigger clogged drains like a blocked stormwater drain, it might be time to call in your Gold Coast blocked drain experts for drain cleaning!

A functioning stormwater drain is crucial. A blocked stormwater pipe may seem like a headache or a nuisance, but it’s a bigger problem.

If your stormwater drain is blocked, flooding and uncontrolled water pose a risk to your home. Your property’s foundation, assets, and family’s health are also dangerous.

How To Unblock A Drain: Conclusion

Plenty of DIY methods and drain cleaners for solving blocked drains; some are more effective than others. You can also purchase tools that can help you unblock the clog, easily accessible from the local hardware store, like a toilet plunger. But if you’ve retrieved the balls of hair or even got out the trusty plunger, poured baking soda and vinegar. If you’ve still got a problem in your affected drain and p trap, or you want to be sure it won’t reappear, it’s time to call in the highly recommended professional blocked drains Gold Coast plumbers.

The best plumbers for blocked drain clearing services will give you peace of mind with specialised equipment such as CCTV blocked drain cameras and a high-pressure water jetter to fix a blocked drain quickly and keep it clear. Say goodbye to your drain clog and let a professional plumber handle it! Request a quote today for a professional service on clearing and repairing block drains.

CCTV drain cameras can identify broken pipes, tree roots and many other complex drain blockages. It will ensure you won’t encounter any more problems afterwards.

Water jetting involves a hose of a length inserted into the pipework. High-pressure water is pumped into the hose and sprayed through a specialised nozzle. It’s powerful enough to clear any blockage from grease and sand to sludge and tree roots. It is the most effective and non-invasive form of drain cleaning.

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