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How to Get Rid of Drain Flies Australia In 3 Easy Steps

29 November

When it comes to household pests, you’re always on the alert for rats, termites and cockroaches. But here’s something that might not be on your radar: drain flies. Ever been around a sink or a shower or bath or even a kitchen and noticed a teeny-tiny little moth-like fly (or 50) buzzing around? These annoying drain flies typically set up shop in your bathroom drains or kitchen pipes – mainly if there’s a lot of organic matter in there to feast upon. But the real question is simple: how to get rid of drain flies quickly and effectively?

Australian Drain Flies In Gold Coast – How To Spot Them

What’s that tiny thing buzzing around in your bathroom? If it:

  • looks like a tiny moth
  • about the same size as gnats and fruit flies
  • Has six legs
  • Has a set of fuzzy wings
  • And a set of antenna

Then it’s highly likely that you’ve run into one of the drains flies Australia is growing to hate. They’re often called sink flies, sewer gnats, moth flies or sewer flies, and the scientific name is Psychodidae. But how do you get rid of drain flies?

Drain Fly Life Cycle

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies For Good

First things first: don’t panic. You’re not the only one with a drain fly problem. And although they munch on the gross stuff that lurks in your drains and drain pipes, these little critters aren’t going to kill you. And they aren’t going to endanger the structure of your home either. They have been known to trigger asthma symptoms within sufferers if inhaled at the very worst.

So, they’re not really that much of an emergency plumbing situation. There are far worse plumbing problems out there.

If you’ve discovered small flies or fly larvae in a shower or bathroom drain, it is most likely that is where they will be going to lay eggs. Even if your unused bathroom appears clean, without using or thoroughly cleaning it regularly, you’re laying the groundwork for a stagnant accumulation of the slimy stuff and stagnant water that the drain flies find so tasty. And if you can visibly see mould in your bathroom, it’s time to get out the rubber gloves.

Drain Fly Remedy #1: Trapping Drain Flies

Regularly cleaning and flushing your drains is a great way to prevent drain flies. But that solution will not help you get rid of drain flies that have already made their way into your house.

For that, try this easy DIY recipe. Add equal parts of water, sugar and vinegar to a bowl, and now add the secret ingredient: drops of dish soap. The drain flies won’t be able to resist it – and the consequences for them will be dire.

Drain Fly Remedy #2: Boiling water.

But wait! Shouldn’t we be trying to stop the drain flies at the same source? It’s all good and well to know how to kill drain flies once they’ve crawled out of the drain, but what about the ones that are still down there?

For that, the solution really couldn’t be more straightforward. The main problem is usually stagnant drains and pipes that are not often used, and the best way is to pour boiling water down the sink or drain. Not only is this a great way to kill the drain flies, but it will also help to clear your drains of the gunk that they love to eat.

Drain Fly Remedy #3: Go The Extra Mile.

Are you already feeling more relaxed about how to get rid of Psychodidae? It sounds like you’re ready to go one step further to get on top of your drain fly infestation.

  • Remove any fruit from the area.
  • Empty, clean and dry your bins
  • Cover your drains with a plug when unused.

We regularly install a great product here on the Gold Coast for protecting floor drains. Drain Mate is an Australian made product. You can easily install it in your existing floor drains. It will reduce noise and trap odours (no more smelly drains), and prevent drain flies.


While these three remedies should help to eradicate those annoying flies in shower and bathroom areas, one unfortunate fact does remain: you might have an underlying plumbing problem with your drains or pipes. Which means the critters will keep coming back. And you may need professional plumbing services to get rid of drain flies the next time they show up. Luckily, Gold Coast Plumbing Company has all the know-how, experience, equipment and skills to keep your drains, pipes, kitchens and bathrooms running smoothly all year round – so give us a call today!