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Hot Water Problems: Your Troubleshooting Guide

30 November

There’s nothing worse than getting up on a cold morning ready to jump into a warm shower only to find your hot water is cold. Or perhaps you’ve spotted a leak in your hot water system. You may even turn on the tap to find no water flowing from your hot tap. Some hot water system problems you have!

But the most dangerous thing is to find scalding water instead of the warm water that usually comforts you. This plumbing emergency needs a highly recommended plumbing expert and excellent service to check out what could be wrong with the heating element inside your electric water heater or another type of hot water unit, so don’t tinker with your hot water problems yourself.

A hot water system problem isn’t a cause for panic. There are common problems with the hot water system that many people face. And although hot water problems are a pain, you may face some common hot water heater problems. In most cases, you can check these plumbing issues and the malfunctioning heating elements yourself before contacting a local plumbing service for a hot water emergency.

This post looks at the most common problems, troubleshooting, and when to call a plumber for excellent service on your hot water unit heaters, ranging from the gas hot water system to the electric hot water heater unit.

Hot Water Problem #1: You Have A Water Leak

A hot water system won’t work correctly if your water heater leaks. You’ll notice water pooling at the base of your water heater or running down the side of the hot water tank, storage tank or hot water cylinder.

If the hot water unit leak is coming from the pressure relief valve, you might be able to replace it. Sometimes, unwanted sediment can build up, clogging the valve, which could be solved with a simple cleanout.

Unfortunately, it might be a severe problem if the water leak is elsewhere. You may need a fully licensed expert for your storage tank or water heaters as soon as possible. Shut off the water supply immediately and call an expert plumber. You’re probably due for a hot water system replacement.

Hot Water Problem #2: Your Hot Water Is Cold


Hot Water Problems - Hot Water Valves

Not enough hot water? If you have water – but it’s only cold water – the problem could be your hot water system’s circuit breaker.

Look at your fuse box and switch the hot water breaker back on if it has tripped. Be sure to wait a while to give it a chance to heat up.

If you have a gas water heater, replacing the gas bottle is simply a matter. Or call your leading gas supplier to check whether it has been switched off in your area for some reason.

If these don’t solve the instant gas water heater problems, or you find the circuit breaker repeatedly tripping, you should call out a plumber.

If the hot water seems to have dropped in temperature, it may be that the outside temperature has fallen. Your hot water is cooling in the pipes on the way to the tap. Check that the hot water pipes have insulation to stop this heat loss.

Hot Water Problem #3: Your Hot Water is Too Hot

The first thing to check if your hot water is too hot is to adjust the temperature dial on the water heater’s front. Wait an hour before rechecking the temperature. If this doesn’t change the temperature, there is a problem, and you should contact accredited and licensed plumbers to test your property’s Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV).

Hot Water Problem #4: Faulty Hot Water Tempering Valve

A Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is installed primarily in hotels, schools and other high-risk locations, including health and aged care facilities. The valve works by blending the hot and cold water at an adjustable ratio and then piped to the bathrooms or house.

In the late ’90s, regulators made fitting tempering valves mandatory on new or replacement hot water systems. This was a great idea as it helped stop kids from being scalded by hot water. Young skin can be burnt by water at 60 degrees in seconds. Water at 50 degrees would take minutes to inflict a severe burn.

Tempering valves, like any mechanical item, are prone to failure. Problems with tempering valves can cause various issues, including a complete loss of hot water supply, a lack of pressure or a reduced hot water temperature. Besides leaking around the tempering valve connections, it can be challenging for the untrained to detect a problem. So, if you suspect the tempering valve could be the problem, contact a plumber. TMVs must be tested yearly to ensure the hot water temperatures remain suitable and safe. And to see if the valves are fully compliant and functioning correctly. The good news is that replacing a tempering valve is much cheaper than replacing the entire hot water system.

Tempering Valve Hot Water Problem

Hot Water Problem #5: You Have No Water At All

If not for less hot water, if you see little more than a dribble after you’ve turned on your tap, check the cold water to ensure it’s not a problem with your supply or water pressure.

Suppose it’s just the hot water with no flow. Check near your hot water system for an isolation valve. Not all installations will have one, but look for a red or yellow handle near the water intake. That might be all you need to do if it’s switched off. If not, don’t try adjusting or probing the system further. It’s time to call in some expert help.

Hot Water Problem #6: Your Hot Water System Makes Strange Noises

Do you have a noisy, hot water system? Bangs, pops, and gurgling sounds can be caused simply by the expanding and contracting metal parts. This increases in older hot water units as minerals and hard water can build up inside the tank. A plumber can help remove this by flushing the tank, which will extend the life of your hot water unit.

This is a different story if you hear a boiling sound. It shows overheating and pressure, and it can be dangerous. So stop your hot water usage because, in this case, we highly recommend calling an emergency plumber immediately.

Let’s Fix Your Common Hot Water Problems

Hot water accounts for about 30% of your total power bill, making a cost-effective repair or a new and state-of-the-art hot water system something that could save you serious money on future bills. You might not be a plumber, but sometimes your hot water issues have a straightforward solution. However, don’t take your hot water system apart with a wrench! It’s still best to seek the help of professionals for your hot water system problems. And rely only on a fully licensed plumber and a professional service for your plumbing problems.

Not sure who to call for a hot water system not working correctly or the other common problems in your plumbing system? For professional help, get in touch with us! Whether it’s hot water problems or leaks, a faulty element in the plumbing of older homes, low water pressure in the whole house, or even a gas leak issue— you can rely on us!

There’s a genuine problem that has the potential to cost you thousands of dollars and unnecessary heartache. It’s the dodgy tradie epidemic that is getting worse, not better. You can still contact us to install a new hot water system, whether electric water heater, instantaneous hot water systems, or gas hot water systems.

But we’re not just your expert hot water plumbers! Our full range of plumbing services includes maintenance and repairs for other plumbing issues 24 hours a week— all for a reasonable price. We are the all-around plumbers covering all types of plumbing services, which you would highly recommend to others. Contact us today!