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Drain Camera: Investing in Technology to Improve Service

4 June

Gold Coast Plumbing Company has recently invested in more technology to improve our services to our clients.

Blocked drains require an inspection to see what has caused the blockage. This gives both us and the property owner information that is crucial for determining the best course of action for repair.

That’s why we have upgraded our drain camera to a Rigid Sea Snake camera.

Our working range has now expanded to 60 metres, that means we can conduct a drain inspection from the further most point of your property all the way to the council main drain.

We are able to view several things with our camera; the pipe condition, the ability for a liquid to flow freely through, infiltration of tree roots and blockages from foreign objects.

Once we know the condition and reason for blockages we can diagnose a treatment plan to get our clients drains flowing the way they should.

When you call Gold Coast Plumbing Company, you can be sure that we as market leaders have the equipment, experience and knowledge to help you.

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