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Modernise Your Bathroom With A Doorless Shower Design

14 December
The Huot Residence In The Oriental WarehouseDoorless shower designs have been popular for a while now, particularly in Europe. Thanks to their spacious, luxurious and easy to maintain design, they have been one of the biggest bathroom trends of 2016.

Doorless showers, also known as open or walk in showers, are architecturally designed not to need a shower door or curtain. Custom designed and accessible, walk in showers allow home owners to enjoy a modern style bathroom that caters for their taste and decor, as well as age into their home.

Below we look at how a doorless shower design can help improve your home, especially if you are considering a bathroom renovation.

The Advantages Of Doorless Walk In Showers

Walk In Shower Design

Easy maintenance

Walk in showers without doors usually have tiled walls that are easy to clean, and don’t get water spots and streaks thanks to stain proof and mildew resistant grout. Open showers are custom designed to avoid any spillage, with shower heads professionally fitted and tested to ensure you won’t be cleaning up water every time you get out of the shower.

Even if part of the buffer is made from glass, it is still much easier to maintain than having a sliding shower door that needs regular scrubbing to get rid of build up.


Accessibility is crucial for residents and guests with mobility issues. This is especially true in the shower area where slips and falls are common. Doorless showers are ideal for people with compromised mobility as there is no issue of climbing in and out due to the one level, barrier free design.

There is no interruption in the aesthetic flow of a bathroom with a doorless shower, providing seamless entry and movement. This makes doorless shower designs a great investment for those who wish to grow old in their current home.

Custom design

Doorless showers are custom designed to fit your bathroom, which means that you will always get a unique look that suits your own lifestyle and decor. Small spaces can be accommodated for, and doorless showers can even create space in small bathrooms thanks to careful designs that utilise the whole area effectively.

Since they’re custom designed, doorless showers require assistance from professional plumbing services so don’t add this to your personal DIY bathroom renovations.


Door Less Walk In Shower DesignA doorless shower can make your bathroom visually appear larger. With no shower door blocking off an area of your bathroom, an open shower creates the illusion of added space.

Doorless Shower Design Tips

Doorless showers must be carefully designed to avoid flooding, and minimise water splashing. That includes using a top mounted or overhead rain shower head, instead of an angled one that is more likely to cause splashing.

Choose a corner location, it’s more space efficient and takes advantage of existing walls. Generally this helps direct splashing away from other fixtures like vanity units.

Customised walk in showers can get your creativity buzzing, but the key to a beautiful doorless shower design is to keep it simple. Choose finishes and decor that flow with the bathroom design as a whole.

A doorless shower could be a good investment to add to any bathroom remodelling you do to improve the aesthetics and accessibility.

Would you add a doorless shower to your next bathroom design? Let us know why or why not in the comments below.