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Doorless Shower Designs

14 December

Minimalistic designs are in for the classic contemporary bathroom look using materials like black or white subway tile showers, mosaic tile showers, or simple bare concrete floors. And gone are the partial glass wall or shower glass divide since showers without doors are among the most popular ideas. Not only is this trendy, but it makes the small bathroom look bigger. Perfect for small spaces, the doorless walk-in shower is a minimalist, easy-access interior design that matches any floor plan!

The lack of a glass wall and doors, curtains, or obstructions automatically amplifies the bathroom’s look with its universal design, providing plenty of space too for other bathroom fixtures like a shower seat if you opt to, leaving the entire room or entire space or entire bathroom a practical yet classy and modern choice. Since this is a very up-and-coming design, many modifications have been made. As showers without doors are usually called, walk-in showers have given birth to a million ways people choose to decorate their bathroom makeover aside from selecting the classic glass shower plan.

So, if you’re considering renovating your bathroom, you’re in the right place for the perfect walk-in shower. Let’s quickly look at the styles you can pick for open showers.

Doorless Shower Design Types

The thing about showers without doors is that your bathroom is now unobstructed, with no more shower curtains, glass walls, or claustrophobic shower enclosure— which gives you more space to decorate, from your shower walls to shower floors. You can choose a bold design for your floor tiles and bathroom redesign project without fearing your design will only rot in the shadows.

Or you can still opt for a cleaner look with white subway tiles for your wall space and focus more on the other focal point of your bathroom or main bathroom. And for those who need it, having a shower bench inside will be easier, too. Plus, your Roman shower is now easy to clean, too!

But the most common way to do that is switching it up with some tile designs and shower base. You’ve got plenty of choices for your shower tiles, such as ceramic tile or porcelain tile for your walls, marble tile, or glass blocks for your outdoor shower project.

Or you can go for dainty white walls and focus more on decorating with more bathroom fittings if there is enough space. Believe it or not, there are plenty of design options for a new look for your bathroom! Many doorless showers sport various pleasing and fresh aesthetic looks from the bathroom floor to the shower heads.

The Pros And Cons Of Walk-In Showers

1. Honeycomb Tiles

The honeycomb pattern is one of the most common designs. It’s pretty popular since it adds a bit of complexity to the bathroom, which would otherwise look quite plain. This design is even better in darker and more graphic shades. Other than adding complexity, it also makes the bathroom look bigger.

2. Marble Tiles

If you want to give the bathroom an elegant touch, then marble tiles are the best way. It adds a degree of elegance and remains minimalist. When opting for shades, we advise going for either dark ones or anything that is not plain white.

Picking darker shades of white and grey may prove better since they are easier to clean. For the floor, we advise choosing smaller shaped tiles to add a bit of friction and reduce the chances of slipping.

3. Half-Wall Showers

We know these are open showers; you can have half a wall for extra privacy. It’s like creating a little nook or hideout but in the shower. This design comes in handy not just with overhead showers but also if you have a bathtub.

You can pick between marble tiles or bricks for the accent wall, whatever suits the overall interior. Our only suggestion would be to choose a contrasting colour for more depth.

4. More Showers

Another exciting way to decorate your shower is with more showerheads or a rainfall showerhead. It may seem wild, but adding showerheads to the side walls can create a relaxing spa-like environment. But this is only possible if the plumbing and water heater can take the load.

If your bathroom is still under construction and multiple showerheads are your chosen design, we suggest marble tiles.

5. Glass Tiles

This is one of our favourites! Glass tiles are not often chosen as the go-to tiles, but they can give an excellent look when fixed in a contrasting colour. Not only do they make the shower area look more extensive, but they also make it brighter. Glossy tiles might be more challenging to maintain than matte ones, but both make the bathroom look exquisite with well-picked accessories.

6. Curtain Panels

If you don’t like a half-wall shower or opt for a chic and young look for your bathroom, you can go for curtain panels for your open shower. There are many colours and patterns to choose from for your curtains. And they’re all budget and trend-friendly.

However, we suggest that the steps surrounding your shower be slightly raised to keep the water from spilling into the rest of your bathroom.

7. Shower and Tub In One Corner

For those who hate cleaning and wiping the shower floor and bathroom dry after taking a bath (and that’s probably a lot of us) — this one is for you. You can design your walk-in shower by putting your tub in the same corner, with only a glass panel separating them from the bathroom. Now, that will keep the water from going to your vanity area.

Combining your shower and tub is one great way of making your bathroom look organised and bigger than it is.

Doorless Shower Design Tips

A customised walk-in shower can buzz your creativity, but the key to a beautiful doorless shower design is to keep it simple.

Walk-in showers must be carefully designed to avoid flooding and minimise water splashing. This includes using a top-mounted or overhead rain shower head instead of an angled one that is more likely to cause splashing.

Choose a corner location. Generally, this helps direct splashing away from other fixtures like vanity units since it’s more space-efficient and takes advantage of your existing walls.

A doorless shower could be an excellent investment to add to any bathroom remodelling you do to improve aesthetics and accessibility.

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The Advantages Of Doorless Walk-In Showers

Easy maintenance

Walk-in showers without doors usually have tiled walls that are easy to clean. Plus, they don’t get water spots and streaks thanks to stain-proof and mildew-resistant grout. Open showers are custom-designed to avoid any spillage. Showerheads are professionally fitted and tested to ensure you won’t clean up water every time you get out of the shower.

Even if part of the buffer is made from glass, it is still easier to maintain, unlike a sliding shower door, which needs regular scrubbing to remove build-up.


Accessibility is crucial for residents and guests with mobility issues. This is especially true in the shower area, where slips and falls are common. Walk-in showers are ideal for people with compromised mobility as climbing in and out has no issue due to the one-level, barrier-free design.

Custom design

Walk-in showers are custom-designed to fit your bathroom. This means you will always get a unique look that suits your lifestyle. Small spaces can be accommodated. Walk-in showers can even create spaces in small bathrooms—thanks to careful designs that effectively utilise the small space and the whole area.

Since they’re custom-designed, doorless showers require assistance from professional plumbing services. So, don’t add this to your DIY bathroom renovations. And don’t worry about keeping the water from coming out of the bathroom. Professionals can help you design the shower without a glass door or any obstruction and keep water from flowing straight out of your shower stall. They can also assist you in not giving up your privacy and even design the whole shower stall to offer you more privacy without a glass door or anything else.


A doorless shower can make your bathroom visually appear larger. With no shower door blocking off an area of your bathroom, an open shower creates the illusion of a much larger or added space. Natural light with some windows will surely give your bathroom a warm and open vibe.

Want More Information?

These seven are just some of the many design options to choose from. It’s understandable if you are still torn about having a doorless shower for your new bathroom design. However, it does have several benefits that go beyond amplifying aesthetics. You won’t only have a seamless look, but it will also make the space more accessible and very easy to maintain.

For Gold Coast bathroom renovations and fixtures, talk to one of our experts and friendly professionals; contact us anytime! We can also help you with water pressure, blocked showers, and other plumbing problems. No matter what your plumbing issue is, We’ve got you covered.