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How Much Does Unblocking a Drain Cost?

8 October

Has the water flow slowed down in your toilets and sinks? Or you might take more time to flush, and the waste might not clear off properly. If so, this can indicate a blocked drain or a blocked toilet. Another indication is a smelly sinkhole in the kitchen or the toilets, like the sewage drain inside your house. A smelly drain generally means a lot of dirt build-up inside or things like toilet paper stuck down the drainage piping, leading to drains facing severe blockages.

You could also have a leaking drain identified from the front and back yards. For instance, have you seen puddles forming in certain places, or have there been many mosquitoes in your area? It could be because of a blocked drain where the water accumulates and becomes breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

There are many reasons for blocked drains, and they may not be readily apparent if you observe your entire plumbing system or use shelf-type drain cleaners to clear blocked drains and toilets. Be careful using acid-based drain cleaners because they can cause metal components to corrosion without your drain plumbing systems, leading to further damage.

It could also be drainage pipes that don’t have sufficient fall, allowing toilet paper to be expelled. This piping installation is prone to build-up, which, over time, causes blockages.

Blocked Drain Clearing

You can minimise clogging your drain pipe. Be vigilant about what goes down the kitchen sink and other drains, and act immediately when you notice problems instead of waiting until the last hour. If left unattended, you’ll be facing more headaches in the future involving your whole drainage system and even the sewer line.

While a clogged drain is inevitable, there is no reason to take the problem for granted. You can try D.I.Y. methods like baking soda, vinegar, or even a drain snake down your sewer drains to clear a blocked drain. A clogged drain pipe or sewer line is one of the most cumbersome plumbing problems you can encounter. If left unattended, challenging clogs can create chaos in your plumbing system. Check out the items stuck there when you notice the tell-tale signs of a clogged drain, such as nasty smells, loud gurgling noise, or slow water draining.

12 Of The Regular Items That Clog Your Drain And Sewer Lines

  1. Grease and Fats
  2. Hair
  3. Coffee Grounds
  4. Lingering Food Scraps
  5. Paper & Cotton Goods
  6. Cigarette butts
  7. Flushable Wipes
  8. Bath Bombs
  9. Makeup
  10. House Paint
  11. Pet Waste
  12. Hard Water Deposits

If you see any such signs, contacting your trusted licensed plumber is best to ask how much it costs to unblock drains and prevent further damage immediately. Don’t bother figuring it out yourself if it’s a simple or a problematic blockage, and contact the experts. You’ll never know; your pipes could have bigger underlying issues requiring attention and specialised skills. Tree roots could block the entire drainage system or something else, causing blocked drains and will cause additional problems, such as broken pipes and extra costs to clear the blockages and other repairs.

A well-maintained drain is essential for the smooth functioning of any household. However, improper disposal of items and unintentionally dropping them can clog your drains. There may also be undetected leaks and problems you may not be able to see or notice immediately.

Changing a few habits, getting your hands dirty, and putting more time and attention into your home’s drains may save you a lot of money.

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The Cost Of Unblocking A Drain Is An Important Consideration

Price is critical in any decision, but several other points deserve serious consideration when choosing a company to work on your pipes, drains, and other plumbing issues.

Gold Coast Plumbing Company stands apart from other plumbing companies. When it comes to unblocking drains for Gold Coast residents, we offer the best service and warranty at a reasonable price.

Here are some of the critical factors you need to consider when selecting a plumbing company or a qualified plumber to do your clogged drains:

1. Does the company have all the necessary equipment onboard their vehicles?

Having the necessary equipment onboard the vehicles is essential to save money. Why would you pay to use a Jetting machine when a simple, vigorous plunging at half the cost may clear the blockage? You can save money if you engage Gold Coast Plumbing Company to repair your pipes or drains. Our vehicles have ten pieces of specialised equipment and a drain machine for drain unblocking in stock. By comparison, around eight more specialised items than most other companies and most plumbers carry onboard their vehicles for your plumbing problem.

2. What is included in the price that you’ve been quoted?

If you get a CCTV drain inspection included in your quotation, you know you’re getting actual value and trustworthy service. The quoted price for the main drain unblocking must consist of this service. At Gold Coast Plumbing Company, we use our drain cameras to confirm we have cleared the blockage when we unblock the main drain. There is no way of ensuring that the blockage has been completely removed and that there will be no future expenses. Only a CCTV drain camera can visually confirm the service done.

3. Is there a warranty provided by the company unblocking your drain?

Many companies won’t offer a warranty. Gold Coast Plumbing Company provides a six-month warranty on any drain that has been hydro jetted and inspected by a drain camera. A visual inspection has confirmed no defects in the pipework.

4. What if the blockage is on the council side of the drain service?

The good news is that you don’t pay. We get the drain flowing, and then we request an immediate inspection by the Council. We leave our drain camera at the cause of the blockage until the Council arrives and confirms responsibility for the blockage and acceptance of the bill.

Trust Only The Leading Drains Specialists in Gold Coast

Aside from the drain repair or drain cleaning cost, how do Sydney plumbers fix blocked drains? Our plumbing experts have state-of-the-art equipment and other drain-cleaning products to clear blocked drains and clogged drain systems. Whether you have simple blockages, our friendly service will ensure everything is fixed quickly, and we get the job done right the first time.

Not sure who to call for high-quality service? Whether it’s a simple or difficult blockage, we’ve got your back. You can rely on us for everything from basic blockages to replacing damaged and burst pipes and other plumbing services! We can instantly clear blocked drains with our high-pressure hydro jet and highly recommended drain cleaner solutions. Our professional plumber team can work on your pipe relining and other issues.

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Gold Coast Plumbing Company has the equipment, experience and knowledge. We’re in the top-notch plumbing industry with fixed values or fixed rates. We’ve got excellent customer reviews and built trust from our valued customers. More information, including our customer reviews, is available on our website.

Pricing information is available upon request. Use our enquiry form on our contact page, and we will contact you. Click the Request Booking button to make a booking. Or call us on 1300 792 041. Unlike several plumbers, We don’t charge an hourly rate. Also, other plumbers charge a call-out fee, especially for plumbing emergencies that call for concise notice. We don’t. So check us out and the excellent service we can offer.