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19 December

Thermann Hot Water Systems Review

Yes, Thermann hot water systems are pretty new to the market, but did you know the brand is the fastest growing in the hot water industry in Australia and New Zealand? There are some excellent reasons for that.

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10 December

Unblock Drain Pipe With a Drain Snake – 5 Easy Steps

Discover how the drain snake can clear your stubborn pipe blockages in 5 easy steps and why it’s also a go-to handy innovation for trained plumbers and homeowners.

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29 November

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies Australia In 3 Easy Steps

Ever been around a sink or a shower or bath or even a kitchen and noticed a teeny-tiny little moth-like fly (or 50) buzzing around? These annoying drain flies typically set up shop in your bathroom drains or kitchen pipes – mainly if there’s a lot of organic matter in there to feast upon.

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13 November

Hot Water Systems and Dodgy Tradies – Buyers Beware!

There’s a genuine problem that has the potential to cost you thousands of dollars and unnecessary heartache. It’s the dodgy tradie epidemic that is getting worse, not better.

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3 October

Hot Water System Leaking

Is your hot water system leaking? Water wastage costing you? Is your shower not hot? Follow our guide to find the problem and fix it!

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29 August

The 4 Different Types of Taps Washers in Australia for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Are you looking to install or replace your tap in your kitchen or bathroom and wondering what kind of washers there are? Read our guide to learn about the available taps in Australia!

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18 July

Gas vs Electric Hot Water Systems: 5 Ways to Help You Decide

Will you go for gas or electric hot water system? Discover the 5 ways to help you decide which system is suitable for your lifestyle and budget.

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25 January

7 Benefits of the Plumbers Compliance Certificate

So if you’re getting your plumbing done and you’re looking around for a great Gold Coast plumber, make sure to ask them if they know all about the plumber’s compliance certificate.

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