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2 May

Hot Water System Maintenance: Preparing For Winter

Is it just a coincidence that winter in Australia is traditionally the most common time of year for electric hot water systems to fail? No, it’s not. There are logical reasons why this happens. For one, we use more hot water during winter as we tend to spend longer in the shower warming up in […]

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26 April

What Can Your Local Plumber Do For You?

From the bathroom to the kitchen, and even outside your house, a local plumber can help with installations, repairs and maintenance in most areas of your home. Plumbers can handle pool & spa plumbing, gas lines for BBQs & ovens, as well as repairs on any plumbing emergency. Below are just some of the many […]

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14 March

How To Detect Water Leaks Before They Cause Damage!

A dripping tap can be annoying and expensive, wasteful, and damaging. And even if you can’t hear that annoying drip sound, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem. The leaks you can’t see can cause more severe damage without you even realising. We’re talking about detecting water leaks from taps and plumbing in this […]

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22 February

Leaking Tap After Changing Washer?

Changing a washer is pretty straightforward. A tap isn’t a complex piece of technology, and it’s only made up of a few simple parts. In most cases, you’ll be able to fix it with just a single session after a trip to the hardware store.

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15 February

How To Handle A Burst Water Pipe Emergency (5 Easy Steps)

Burst water pipes can occur when the pressure in the pipes get too high for them to contain, and they rupture. Existing flaws in the pipe or deterioration over time can cause weakness resulting in a burst pipe. When a water pipe bursts, the resulting flood can cause water damage to your house, leaving you […]

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3 February

How To Unblock A Drain: DIY Tips

How to unblock a drain isn’t rocket science. As we clean our teeth, shower, wash our clothes and do the dishes, our drains are non-existent. We don’t notice them until we’ve got a blocked drain. When everything goes wrong – there’s a foul smell coming from down there, there’s a strange gurgling sound you’ve never […]

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18 January

The Homebuyers Plumbing Checklist

An informed buyer will check out the specs when buying a computer. When they’re purchasing a car, the exterior and interior aren’t the only ones that matter. They’ll check out what’s under the hood, too. It isn’t any different for homebuyers. Buying a house is a significant investment. Although people would say a home is […]

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14 December

Doorless Shower Designs

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? Here is our guide to why a doorless shower is a great option for your home!

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