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24 October

High water bill? We have some great tips to save you money

Have you just opened your rates notice and discovered a huge water bill? Don’t feel alone because you are not on your own. Water is getting more expensive every year and it’s not going to get any cheaper. Did you know that Coca Cola is cheaper at our local service stations than Water and in […]

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8 October

How Much Does Unblocking a Drain Cost?

If you have a blocked drain, we understand your pain and right now you need someone that you can trust. Gold Coast Plumbing Company stands apart from other plumbing companies when it comes to unblocking drains for Gold Coast residents. We guarantee by contacting us you will benefit from our service, price and warranty. Obviously price is a very important […]

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4 June

Taps for Arthritis Sufferers

For people with arthritis, even turning the handle of a tap can become a significant challenge. Thankfully, there are certain options to make jobs easier for arthritis sufferers. One such viable solution is the combination of lever taps with a ¼-inch ceramic disk spindle. The latter essentially cuts off the turning radius of the tap […]

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4 June

Cleaning Smelly Drains: An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Does your drain smell like something has croaked? Here is a very simple recipe for an environmentally friendly solution to cleaning smelly drains and minor blockages. So before you rush out and buy a commercial drain cleaning product and the harsh chemicals that come with it, try this first! Baking soda and vinegar are natural, […]

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