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16 October

Water Filters – Drink in the Possibilities! 

While the benefits of drinking water in a controlled environment outweigh the risks, the potential threat remains. Here’s what could potentially be lurking in our drinking water…

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24 September

How To Tell If You’ve Got A Water Leak And What To Do If You’ve Got One

Water leaks can cause severe damage to the interior and exterior structure of the house. They can be pretty costly to boot. Prevention, detection and quick correction are your best course of action in dealing with water leaks.

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7 August

Cooking Up A Modern Kitchen Design Reno?

Success doesn’t just happen. It’s planned for. And that is true with any reno project! So, here are some tips to get it right…

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27 July

Bathroom Trends, Reno Tips And Signs You’re Due For A New Look

From a modern, compact bathroom to a functional laundry-bathroom combo, we’ve got you covered. With different bathroom renovation services, we’ll help you achieve your dream bathroom and, ultimately, your dream home! Let’s take a look at what we’ve got to offer…

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14 July

Why Do Pipes Burst?

A pipe can burst open for many different reasons. The most common reason water pipes burst is rust in the case of metal pipes.

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25 June

Show Your Hot Water Systems Some Love

In cooler months of the year, discover some preventative hot water system maintenance to avoid costly repairs and some severely uncomfortable chilly morning showers.

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29 May

The Wet Wipes Debate – Bin or Bowl?

Wipes have been cleaned up, replacing disposable and non-disposable cleaner-uppers alike. They’ve taken the place of toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, cloths, towels, cotton pads, sponges and even the beloved Chux! They are handy little things to have around. But when we’re done with them, then what? Bin or Bowl?

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30 January

Water Leaking Under Driveway Pavers

Check out this case on water leaking under driveway pavers from one of our clients and how we replaced the entire waterline under the driveway.

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