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19 September

Brown Water From Taps? 5 Water Quality Issues Explained

It may never be at the top of our minds, but the water that comes out of our taps is really, really important. It washes our clothes, dishes and bodies and waters the lawn. But most importantly of all, it quenches the thirst of our beloved families or helps to make our food. So when […]

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5 June

How to Stop Water Hammer (Before It’s Too Late!)

Water hammer is a hydraulic shock that typically occurs in old pipes after a valve is shut off suddenly. A series of loud bangs also occurs when there is an increase in water pressure in your water line. So, if you live in an old house, you may think that it’s strange why there are […]

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15 February

Researching Outdoor Shower Ideas? Answer These 2 Questions First!

Now, we hope we don’t have to convince you that showering every day is a good idea. But personal hygiene aside, taking a hot or cool shower is either a perfect way to get into the morning, or something relaxing and cleansing to cap off another hard day of toil. But here’s something you may […]

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27 October

4 Summer Plumbing Emergencies To Avoid

After all those rainy days and chilly nights, just about every Australian looks forward to our awesome summer. Currently in the midst of spring, we’re already getting a delicious taste of some warmer weather – and it’s the perfect time to start planning for some lazy summer weekends at the beach or around the BBQ. […]

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6 October

6 Things To Try If Your Toilet Won’t Flush

We’ve all been there before, so we all know that sinking feeling very well. You stand up, press the button and … oh dear. Toilet won’t flush. It never happens at a convenient moment, and it never seems to be an easy fix. But although your face is red and your pants are around your […]

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5 September

Preventing Blocked Drains & Sewers, A Plumbers Opinion

As long as drains have existed, preventing blocked drains has frustrated those who maintain them. Modern drains have come a long way, quite literally from their inception around 2800 years ago by the Roman empire. Designed to prevent the spread of disease by keeping waste water separate from fresh drinking water the Romans were the […]

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14 June

3 Types Of Hot Water Systems Explained

Hot water systems are the unappreciated and often unnoticed hero of our homes. We rely on them daily and rarely give thought to how wonderful life is with them, and how much of an inconvenience it can be when they are not working correctly. If it’s time for a hot water system replacement, choosing a new […]

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6 June

5 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

A small bathroom renovation is, without doubt, one of the most important things you will ever do in your home or apartment – even if we don’t always know it. The lounge seems like the vibrant conversation hub, the kitchen is the living and breathing heart, and the bedrooms are where the real relaxing and […]

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