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30 January

Why Is Water Leaking Under Driveway Pavers?

It’s been repaired once already in the past three months, why does it need repairing again? This was the situation that Amy from Robina found herself in just before the New Year when she called us about a leak in her driveway. Amy and her husband had bought a lovely home in a quiet little […]

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24 January

5 Fast Facts about Rinnai Hot Water Systems

Pop hot water systems quiz: Which company introduced Australia’s first-ever full electronic gas continuous flow hot water system? Answer: Rinnai. Why is that important? Because it was an innovation that revolutionised the way we enjoy hot water today, ensuring that you’ll never face the prospect of a cold shower. It’s just one example of why […]

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23 January

6 Fascinating Facts About Rheem Hot Water Systems

If you love a steaming hot bath or shower, there’s still an awful lot more than that to love about Rheem. Rheem hot water systems are built by an Aussie brand that Australians and Gold Coast locals just like you just love to trust. It’s a range of affordable, super high quality, reliable, and brilliantly […]

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23 January

How to Blow up your Backyard?

How to blow up your backyard, Dr Karl, Ig Nobel awards and a new gas cooker First, let’s get our heads around what is an Ig Nobel Award. It is an award to honour achievements that make people laugh and then think. In fact, our very own Aussie, all-knowing, king of all things science, with […]

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10 January

A newborn baby, An Exploding Hot Water System and A Jumbo Jet

What do a newborn baby, an exploding hot water system and a Jumbo Jet have in common? This was the same question that Angele from the Gold Coast was pondering five days before Christmas. The 50 litres Rheem hot water system had been installed in a cupboard in Angele’s apartment back in 2002. The system […]

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19 December

Thermann Hot Water Systems Review

You may not have heard of Thermann hot water systems, but that’s not because the company does not have a good reputation. The reason is because they’re new. In fact, if you haven’t heard of them, this Thermann hot water system review is just for you – because you are one of the last to […]

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10 December

Unblock A Pipe With a Drain Snake in 5 Easy Steps

“I’ve tried everything, and I just can’t clear that blockage.” “Have you tried using a drain snake? Works every time!” Plenty of people have had a conversation just like this, but their mind went blank when they heard the reference to a drain snake. No, it’s not a new species of our slithery foes that […]

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29 November

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies Australia In 3 Easy Steps

When it comes to household pests, you’re always on the alert for rats, termites and cockroaches. But here’s something that might not be on your radar: drain flies. Ever been around a sink or a shower or bath or even a kitchen and noticed a teeny-tiny little moth-like fly (or 50) buzzing around? These annoying […]

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