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25 March

6 Signs You Have A Corroded Pipe

Are you confused about whether your pipes are corroding or whether they’ll last longer? Read our guide to find out the six most common signs of a corroded pipe!

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24 March

Is It Time To Replace Your Pipes?

Are you facing plumbing issues and cannot pinpoint the problem? We’ve got you covered in this short guide about pipe damages, repairs and replacements. 

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17 January

4 Ways To Unclog An Outside Drain

Confused about how to unclog the outside drain? Here are four easy tricks that can help you keep your outside drain clean and clear of contaminants and blockages. 

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13 January

Why Is My Hot Water Not Hot Anymore?

There are days when we want to submerge ourselves in cold water and cool our minds. But when hot water is preferable in the shower, and there is none, we can’t help but wonder, “Why is my hot water not hot anymore?” Well, we’re here to answer just that question. Your absent hot water could be due to…

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4 January

How To Prevent A Gas Leak In The Workplace

Gas leaks can be incredibly hazardous and even fatal. Let us tell you some of the best ways you can prevent a gas leak in the workplace.

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13 December

10 Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Are the faucets in your home taking much longer to fill a bucket or bathtub? Or is a showerhead offering a weaker spray? Either way, the culprit is a lower water pressure, which can arise for several reasons and manifest in many other ways.

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25 November

Choosing The Right Toilet Suite For Your Home

This informative guide explains the various types of toilets in the market and what to look for when choosing a new one.

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22 November

How Pipe Relining Could Save You Money?

Are you wondering how pipe relining could save you money and how it works? We have written all about it in this comprehensive guide, so join us! 

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