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25 February

Questions To Ask A Gold Coast Plumber

Leaky taps, burst pipes, and new installations instantly make us think of plumbers. But did you know that different plumbers are often specialised in different tasks? Not many people are aware of the variety of tasks that they can do. You may think contacting a local plumber is the logical step to take when you […]

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16 October

Water Filters – Drink in the Possibilities! 

Our great City’s water and sewerage infrastructure delivers safe, high-quality water to households and businesses across the Gold Coast. Whether you choose to further filter your household’s tap water is up to you. As is the choice of filtration system you use. But maybe like most of us you take your clean tap water for […]

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24 September

How to tell if you’ve got a water leak and what to do if you’ve got one

Water leaks can be costly and cause serious damage We all know that water leaks can cause some serious damage in and outside the home, and they can be pretty costly to boot. Prevention, detection and a quick correction are your best course of action in dealing with water leaks. Prevention and detection The prevention […]

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7 August

Are You Cooking Up A Kitchen Reno?

So, you want a new kitchen? Every morning over a hot cuppa you’re reminded that your kitchen needs a little (or a lot of) love. Whether it’s a few additions to freshen up the hub-of-the-house or a full on knock down, drag out, ‘eat takeaway for weeks, while the dream kitchen takes shape’ scenario, the […]

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27 July

Bathrooms Trends, Reno Tips, Costs And Signs You’re Due For A New One

Any kind of bathroom renovation can either make or break your dream home! So, why not let a team of qualified plumbers handle it? You may not want to admit it, but the bathroom is where you spend most of your time. At least, early in the morning! But jokes aside, other than serving its […]

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14 July

Why Do Pipes Burst?

Having a burst pipe is a nightmare for many homeowners in Australia. The dread of losing valuable property and cost of repairs are reasons to be concerned about pipes bursting in your homes. Keep reading if you want to know why, how and what to do when there’s a plumbing issue caused by a burst […]

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25 June

Love your long, hot, steamy, winter showers? Then show your hot water systems some love!

Let’s be thankful that here in Australia we get off pretty lucky in our experience for what passes as ‘Winter’. We don’t have to endure months of sub-zero temps that can wreak havoc with our household plumbing. We can rejoice in the fact that pipes that freeze, or worse yet, burst, are not a regular […]

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29 May

The Wipes Debate – Bin or Bowl?

Most of us were first introduced to the seductive power of the wet wipe as we tended to the tiny (often explosive) bottoms of our bubs. The convenience of the baby wipe cannot be overlooked in the nappy bag arsenal. They’re cheap, easily accessible, portable, easy to use, great at cleaning up our messy babies […]

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