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8 September

Have Tree Roots Invaded Your Plumbing?

Trees are an excellent addition to any yard but are also the most common reason for a blockage in the sewer system. Often, tree roots slither into pipe cracks in search of water, and before you know it, you will face issues like slow-draining sinks and gurgling toilets. While there can be several causes of […]

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6 September

What Appliances Can I Power Through Natural Gas?

From street lights to home appliances, the use of natural gas has been through quite the journey. Back in the day, it was only used to illuminate the streets and provide light in buildings. However, with time, it became common in the industrial and domestic sectors as well. One of the biggest reasons it has […]

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25 August

Why Is My Sink Gurgling?

You would not want the drainage system to break down, and while a gurgling sound does not immediately raise concerns, it is best not to ignore it. It can be quite concerning if a strange gurgling sound comes from kitchen and bathroom drains whenever you use the shower or wash your hands in the sink. […]

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3 July

Pex Repiping Vs. Copper Repiping

We don’t need to familiarise you with the horrors of a leakage. It’s a hassle to fix, but the more serious issue is that it compromises your family’s health. Needless to say, choosing a suitable pipe is necessary for maintaining the sanctity of your home. Now, the two most common pipes available out there are […]

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25 June

Types Of Flushing Mechanisms In Toilets

Although we all use toilets and flush afterwards, not many of us have ever thought about how the flushing mechanism works. And since most of us haven’t, we thought of creating this guide. If you are finally planning on renovating the entire house or buying a new property, this might come in handy. While you […]

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15 June

How to Deal With Sewage in the Yard

A well-maintained yard is an asset for every homeowner. But what happens when you need to deal with sewage creating an unsightly presence in it? Although it doesn’t happen very often, you may notice an unfortunate situation of your septic tank or sewer line overflowing in the yard every once in a while. This can […]

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3 June

Signs Of A Burst Supply Pipe

Are you fearing that a supply pipe in the plumbing system has burst but not quite confident about it? Well, a burst pipe is indeed a critical problem as it can lead to significant damage in the long run. This would ultimately require you to spend a hefty amount in getting all the damages fixed. […]

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9 May

Water Filter For Only $1 Per Day!

Water free of chemicals and heavy metals.

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