It seems obvious to say, but when you’re busting to go, your toilet is pretty important. But when it’s playing up or on the blink, that’s when you realise just how much you took this convenient everyday feature of your safe, hygienic and comfortable home for granted. What we do on the throne may seem simple, but there’s plenty of ways your toilet could be playing up.

From leaking or blocked toilets, to toilet cistern replacement Gold Coast Plumbing Company can help!

Blocked Toilet?

If your toilet is gurgling, draining slowly or smelly, it’s probably blocked – and we can fix blocked toilets fast before it becomes a major and costly headache.

Our plumbers carry the best equipment for toilet repairs from plungers to drain snakes and CCTV drain cameras.

Sometimes blocked toilets are the result of the wrong things being flushed. We identify the issue and unblock toilets properly to stop the problem reoccurring.

Is your toilet gurgling?
Is your toilet draining slowly?
Is your toilet overflowing?
Is the toilet smelly?
We can fix blocked toilets fast!

Leaking Toilet?

If you’re toilet has started leaking dripping or the water keeps running we can help. A leaking toilet is not just unsightly, it can be a health hazard and lead to  water damage in your bathroom floors and walls.

Replacing the cistern inlet valve or the cistern flush washer can often fix a running toilet. We carry replacement parts for most brands of toilet cisterns. Toilet cistern replacement and changing the seat will freshen up the look of your home.

Has a toilet in your home started to drip?
Does the flush button stick and water continue to run?
Is the toilet in your home starting to leak?
Is water running long after the toilet should be filled?
Toilet won’t turn off at its tap?

Leaking Toilet Repair Gold Coast

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Why Choose Us?

Care: Whether we change a washer or install a toilet, we’ll always clean up when we’re done.
Experience: Every Gold Coast Plumbing company tradie has years of experience.
Gear: We only use the most appropriate, high quality and state of the art equipment.
Quality: Our top quality products, parts and service comes with an affordable price.

What can we do?

We can fix the leaking toilet in your home or business premises.
We can unblock toilets in your home or business premises.
Carry out toilet repairs replacing faulty toilet cisterns, valves and washers.
Replacing the toilet seat or install a new toilet suite to freshen up your home.