Blocked Drains are our Speciality.

If you have a blocked drain, we understand your pain and right now you need someone that you can trust.

Gold Coast Plumbing Company stands apart from other plumbing companies when it comes to unblocking drains.

We guarantee by contacting us you will benefit from our service, price and warranty.

  • Free Drain Camera inspection valued at $225 with every major drain unblocking.

Blocked Drain Gold Coast Plumbers

  • 6 month warranty on the drain unblocking that has had drain camera inspection and no visible defects in pipework identified.

Will the plumber you choose offer this?

What happens if the blockage is on the city council side of the drain?

The right answers to this question can save you hundreds of dollars.

Don’t choose a plumber to unblock your drain until you have talked to Gold Coast Plumbing Company.

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We offer a six month warranty on any drain that has been Hydro Jetted, inspected by drain camera and a visual inspection has confirmed that there are no defects in the pipework.

Blocked drains can be a nightmare

Blocked Drain Nerang Gold CoastWhether it’s a blocked shower drain, a slow running toilet or a gurgling outdoor sink, a blocked drain can cause serious inconvenience to your life and even seriously damage your home and its plumbing systems.

Some of the most common causes of blockages around the home are when the wrong things go down – like fat, grease, paper, food scraps or rubbish.

Thankfully there’s an easy solution for unblocking drains on the Gold Coast – the clue is in the name…

Gold Coast Plumbing Company can help

14494749_1698654043794350_6961227929311585693_nAt Gold Coast Plumbing Company, unblocking drains is our speciality. We have the expertise and technology to unblock any drain and fix any plumbing issue that has led to the problem.

We’ll save you money! Our vehicles are stocked with 10 different pieces of specialised equipment for drain unblocking ensuring a fast, quality service.

What if the drain blockage is on the council side of the drain service? The good news is that you don’t pay. We get the drain flowing, then we request an immediate inspection by the Council. We leave our drain camera at the cause of the blockage until the Council arrive and confirm responsibility for the blockage and acceptance of the bill.

Our Gold Coast plumbers have years of experience and all the right qualifications to unblock drains.

High tech and traditional solutions for unblocking drains

Water Jetting Gold CoastFor some blocked drains, a bit of old fashioned plunging can often do the trick, restoring water flow quickly.

But when we encounter more complex jobs, at Gold Coast Plumbing Company we bring out the big guns – water jets & drain cameras.

Water jetting involves a length of hose being inserted into pipework. High-pressure water is then pumped into the hose and sprayed through a specialised nozzle, powerful enough to clear away any blockage from grease and sand to sludge and tree roots.

Our water jetter is one of the most powerful machines of its kind on the Gold Coast. So whether you need a simple bit of plunging to unblock your drain or the powerful pushing of a water jetter, we’ve got you covered.

Before After Drain BlockageWe can even send down a drain camera to inspect the blockage and decide on the best strategy to get rid of it.

If you are not getting a CCTV drain camera inspection as part of the quoted price for main drain unblocking, then you are not getting a true value and trust worthy service.

Whenever we unblock a main drain, we use our drain cameras down to confirm that we have correctly cleared the blockage.

Without visual confirmation by drain camera there is no way of being certain that blockage has been completely removed and that there will be no more expense in the near future.

Our plumbers have all the right equipment to unblock Gold Coast drains properly and fast!

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We offer a six month warranty on any drain that has been Hydro Jetted, inspected by drain camera and a visual inspection has confirmed that there are no defects in the pipework.

What Our Customers Say…

Jordon Meyer, Nerang, Gold Coast
Not only did they call to ask if they could come earlier than arranged but they offered a free CCTV drain camera service which enabled them to see exactly what the issue was. They were also very friendly, offered a range of options as to how to clear the drain and very quickly got the work done. I would definitely recommend to anyone needing a plumber.
Liam Pfaffel, Coomera, Queensland
We booked to have our drains cleaned with the Jetta. The plumber informed us it would be overkill and instead cleared it with the eel. Cheaper than the original quote and even did a camera inspection. Amazing service, smell and bugs are gone! 10/10 will use again for sure!
Chen Mawson, Surfers Paradise, Queensland
Dane helped us to unblock the sewage drain due to tree root infiltration. He was friendly, professional and used excellent equipment to get the job done. We have no hesitation in recommending the Gold Coast Plumbing Company.
Gabe Chong, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast
I had a blocked drain and rang Gold Coast Plumbing Company. From my first contact with Belinda to the work itself, everything was fantastic. She arranged for their plumber, Dane, attend come out the next day. I appreciated that he contacted me to let me know that he was on the way. Dane was ultra friendly, professional and completely upfront. The quality of his work and perseverance to clear the drain were top-rate, and the drain camera and water jet equipment second to none.