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Bathroom Trends, Reno Tips And Signs You’re Due For A New Look

27 July

Based on The Plumbing Store’s guide, a bathroom renovation requires careful planning. There is a lot to consider when getting the best bathroom design for your bath renovation. For renovating bathrooms, you must consider the people who will use the toilet, room size, plumbing fixtures, and, of course, the budget for bathroom renovation costs may not come in cheap. Other than its sole purpose, even if it’s a small bathroom, a well-designed bathroom by smart and talented bathroom renovators and an interior designer can double up as your stress-free zone. Imagine a bubble bath with fragrant candles and light music or clean, unbroken shower screens and new custom storage for your stuff. If that doesn’t sound like bliss, we don’t know what will!

Now, finding plumbing services and bathroom renovation services is no big deal! But, picking a team of fully licensed professionals and a good bathroom renovator on a budget for renovating bathrooms is essential. Don’t worry; Gold Coast Plumbing Company is here to help you with bathroom renovation projects.

75 Beautiful Bathroom/Laundry Room Pictures &Amp; Ideas - April, 2021 | HouzzDifferent Types Of Bathroom Renovations

From a modern, compact bathroom to a functional laundry-bathroom combo, we’ve got you covered with your dream bathroom design. With different bathroom renovation services, our fully licensed team will help you achieve your dream bathroom! And, ultimately, your dream home! You can rely on us for cost-effective bathroom design renovation services and kitchen renovations! We go the extra mile to bring new life to your old bathroom and existing fittings. We want you to have the new bathrooms you will love.

Let’s take a look at what We’ve got to offer for your new bathroom dream:

1. Small Bathroom Renovations

Space is a luxury nowadays, so most Australian bathrooms need to be compact. But having a small bathroom with functional space doesn’t mean you must compromise on style! If you opt for a freestanding bath with floating shelves and cupboard designs, our design team has various space-saving options that give the illusion of a more oversized bathroom space.

2. Laundry-Bathroom Renovations

This combo must be well-designed to maintain the essence of both functions without missing out on either. Creating an enclosed space for the washing machine offers a more streamlined look. Plus, you can have a relaxing shower by keeping the laundry tools out of sight and mind.

3. Guest Bathroom Renovations

A guest bathroom should never fall short of space, and We’ll ensure that. With a range of stylish and sturdy shelves and cupboard options, your guests will feel at home away from home. With ample space and natural light, don’t blame us if your guests refuse to leave!

4. Commercial Bathroom Renovations

In commercial settings, the bathroom must be spacious and low maintenance. Since commercial bathrooms have more users over short intervals, the durability of fixtures is a must.

5. Master Bathroom Renovations

Want your bath to double up as your spa centre? We’ll ensure your master bathroom is built to pamper your senses. From custom bathtub designs, larger-than-life storage spaces, perfect colour combos, and statement walls to Venetian-style mirrors, our designs and ideas will leave you spoilt for choice.

6. Three-Quarter Bathroom Renovations

A three-quarter bathroom offers extra storage for undone laundry, toiletries, and more. This is suitable for accompanying guest rooms. While most people think of basic designs and fixtures in this type of bathroom, our plumbers and designers beg to differ!

From vintage-style high faucets to a rustic shower in a barrel (yes, you read that right), our creativity knows no bounds.

7. Powder Room or Half-Bath Renovations

Perfect for guests, a powder room usually has a sink, mirror, vanity, and toilet. Large families can enjoy the additional storage space and facilities a half-bathroom offers. Plus, adding this small space can significantly boost the resale value of your property.

8. Ensuite Bathroom Renovations

En-suite bathrooms are also relatively small. So, getting an expert to make the best out of the space will help enhance the style and functionality of your bathroom. Our plumbers and designers aim to use minimal designs and space-saving fixtures. Think compact shower stalls, wall-mounted toilets, sliding doors, and custom shelves to fit in your bathroom’s unnoticed nooks and corners.

8 Signs Your Bathroom Is Due For A Reno

Renovations done well add value to our homes in the long term and provide a better quality of home life overall. Your bathroom is one of the best rooms to renovate. It’s small enough that renovating your bathroom won’t break the bank. And it’s one of those rooms that, let’s face it, we all spend time in, so why not spruce things up a little? Here are eight signs your bathroom is ready for an update:

  1. The Plumbing is Old or you’ve got old fixtures
  2. Mould Has Made Its Mark
  3. The Layout is Non-functional
  4. Not Enough Storage Space
  5. You’ve Outgrown The Space
  6. The Addition of Safety Features
  7. You’re Tired of Looking at the Same Old Tapware and Fixtures
  8. It’s An Outdated Look

15 Tips For Bathroom Reno Success

We all want our household renovations to be a raging success, whether kitchen renovations or a bathroom makeover. So, aside from paying attention to detail with great care, you may need to be more organized, so we’ve identified a few handy, excellent tips to help you do so. Here are a few things to keep in mind for the best bathroom renovations:

  • Plan a bathroom layout and stick to it – get a scale layout planned and decide before you start
  • Appoint reliable and professional plumbing and electrical support or project manager early to help provide advice and guidance
  • Salvage any usable components and source the rest
  • Choose your main components and colour scheme
  • Mixing and comparing prices between suppliers may save you some budget
  • While you’re at it, waterproof the space to limit the risk of a leak
  • Think about including the latest in intelligent and high-tech features
  • Remember that mirrors can add some more extensive ‘feels’ in small spaces
  • Never skimp on your tapware and fixtures. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. In the long run, you will save money when you choose quality
  • This is the time to vent! Fans, heat lamps, and open windows will help disperse the steam and the odours!
  • Stay away from wall-mounted fittings as they can require specialist fittings and drive up costs.
  • Lighting is essential but doesn’t go overboard, which can drive the budget.
  • Find a statement piece to help make your bathroom a statement
  • Don’t forget, STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE! It keeps the moisture, steam, and temperature spikes that are part of the loo experience
  • All spaces are tidy
  • Ensure that materials are bathroom-friendly

What Factors Influence The Cost Of A Master Bathroom Remodel?Costs For A Bathroom Reno

How much does a bathroom reno cost? It’s like asking, ‘How long is a piece of string?’ Our short answer is it depends. Your design ideas and the qualified tradesmen you’ve chosen to take on your bathroom renovation project affect the overall cost of the reno.

A bathroom renovation cost ranges from $25K. Renovation of a relatively small bathroom can come in around $5K compared to extensive and complete bathroom renovations for larger ones. Generally speaking:

  • A budget reno costs between $5,000 and $15,000
  • A standard reno between $15,000 and $25,000
  • A premium or luxury renovation costs $25,000 and up.

If you want to keep your budget for the plumbing and labour costs at the lower end, here are a few tips.

Under $10,000:

  • Spruce up your walls – add some paint, resurface existing tiles, your floor tiles and wall tiles, and some new ones, add a feature, install some PVC panels or paint them a different colour.
  • Change up a fixture or two – or all of them! Switch up your tapware, your tub, your shower, or your vanity.
  • Replace or add mirrors and lights for a different look and feel
  • Tap into the expansive power of natural light/ Bring more of it into your bathroom by installing a skylight or window.

Under $5,000:

  • Get your existing tiles cleaned and regrouted to brighten things up – the suitable colour grout can transform a space.
  • Consider having your tub and basin resurfaced
  • Paint your walls.
  • Paint or refinish your vanity and swap out the handles to finish the look.
  • Modernise your light fittings and tapware.
  • Replace your shower enclosure with a more modern shower enclosure.
  • Replace your showerhead

Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom and kitchen renovations add value to our homes and provide added efficiency. They spruce up two of the rooms we use most often. So why not start with bathroom renovation projects and improve life at home just for your enjoyment? If you’re embarking on a bathroom makeover, remember we have a vast catalogue of bathroom designs as your bathroom renovators. We’ve got you covered, from working with your existing plumbing to fixtures, tapware, high-quality materials, and the professional expertise to install them with our plumbing and bathroom renovation services. Our experienced team are easy to work with. We can help with your Gold Coast Bathroom renovations from start to finish! Call us on 1300 792 041

Happy renovating!