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Backflow Plumbing Services

Backflow occurs when the normal direction of water flow reverses – meaning water flows back into the water pipes. This can be a serious safety hazard!

Here at Gold Coast Plumbing Company, we want your plumbing to be flowing perfectly – but only in the right direction. It’s why we offer superior backflow testing and other backflow plumbing services – so that your property is properly set up to keep the water supply safe, clean and free from contaminants.

We perform expert backflow device testing, installations, maintenance, and replacement.

Why do you need backflow testing?

From both a compliance and a health point of view, backflow prevention is crucial. It means the supply of drinking water remains safe from the undesirable reverse flow of contaminants from your property’s distribution pipes.

Do you have a backflow prevention device?

If any of the following apply at your property, you may need to manage your backflow and have it tested every year.

licenced backflow prevention testing

Your property may have:

  • An irrigation system
  • A fire hydrant
  • A swimming pool
  • Grey water system
  • A vehicle maintenance pit
  • Chemical injection areas
  • Another activity associated with mains water

If your backflow is expertly maintained, it will also look after the water pressure in your property.

If you’re not sure if you need your backflow prevention setup checked, registered and maintained under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002, give our Gold Coast plumbing experts a call on 1300 390 361.

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Backflow Testing

As per the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002, Gold Coast Plumbing Company fully endorses the inspection and testing of your backflow valves every year. Only regular testing will ensure that backflow is not a hazard at your property due to valves and devices that aren’t working optimally. We’ll also ensure you’re fully up-to-date from a compliance point of view.

Only fully licensed plumbers, like the friendly, experienced, professional and trustworthy guys at Gold Coast Plumbing Company, can install, test, repair and report about your property’s backflow prevention measures.

Backflow Installation

Gold Coast Plumbing Company’s skilled technicians are also authorised to install, replace and service your backflow devices where they are needed or present.

We fully understand our obligations and offer complete peace of mind whether your property is residential, commercial or industrial. All of our work is completed to the highest possible standards to keep your property, your family and your community’s drinking water completely safe.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) Testing

Gold Coast Plumbing Company’s licensed and accredited plumbers can test your property’s Thermostatic Mixing Vales (TMV).

What is a TMV and do I need it tested?

A TMV is installed in hotels, schools and other high-risk locations including health and aged care facilities. They blend hot and cold water to reduce the risk of scalding from hot water taps.

TMVs need to be tested every year to ensure the hot water temperatures remain suitable and safe and that the valves are fully compliant and functioning correctly.

Need to know more about Gold Coast Plumbing Company’s comprehensive backflow plumbing services? Give us a call on 1300 390 361 or use our online contact form today.

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